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Chanel Spring 2013


I know, I know, I have been gone for a really long time. I’d like to just skip right over that, but here’s the long and short of it. I haven’t figured out how to balance my work, personal and blogging life yet and it’s been a little (okay, a lot) out of control. Something had to be put on the back burner for awhile, and I am so truly sorry that it was this. I have missed this. And I have missed you! This is me, recommitting. Balance in life is a funny thing. I feel like we are always searching for it, trying to attain it. I guess its one of those times where you have to find the joy in the journey and be in the moment. Neither of those things are strengths of mine. I know I will find my balance soon, but its going to take some work, some lifestyle changes, some sacrifices and some time.

Good, now that that is out of the way, can we please talk about these amazing looks from Chanel for spring 2013? Simple black and white palette, but the textures and patterns are so intense, these looks are anything but boring. I just adore everything about how this shoot was styled—from the Clockwork Orane-style makeup to the partially hidden faces. If anything ever made me want to wear tweed, Chanel was it.


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Decorate with an Accent Wall


Hygge and West wallpaper designed by Oh, Joy, Jess Lively’s Home

Last spring, I started redecorating my bedroom, but got stalled a few weeks into the process. Stupid checkbook wasn’t cooperating with my ideas. Anyway, since I live in a rental apartment, there isn’t too much I can do to renovate and redecorate, like painting or knocking down walls. But, I’ve recently gotten hooked on the idea of an accent wall. Just one wall in a room that sets the whole thing off and makes it dynamic and interesting. It’s a great option instead of painting all the walls and taking the chance of going too far overboard. Plus, if you use wallpaper, there are so many bold, over the top prints available these days, it would almost be too much on all the walls.


Southern Hospitality|Apartment Therapy|Houzz|Camilla Molders|Decor Pad|

Even using a subtly patterned wallpaper on one wall makes an amazing difference. Big, bold prints can be fun but you can make a stylish, chic impact with a calmer print on one wall. I like to think I’ll have to guts to go big and bold when I have my own home someday, but I might just choose one of these neutral subtly patterned ones instead. Aren’t these prints gorgeous? They didn’t have wallpaper like this when my mom was decorating our house when I was a kid. Mark my words lovelies, wallpaper is making a comeback!


American Blinds|Schumachers|Urban Outfitters|Unknown|Unknown

Which one of these pretty wallpapers would you choose? Would you do a whole wall, or just one fabulous accent wall?


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Loeffler Randall, Be Mine


Oh my life, I just fell in love. Can these shoes be my Valentine this year? Because I want them to be mine, forever. Loeffler Randall has always made incredible shoes. Remember this collabor-YAY-tion with J.Crew last year? This pair, the Dahlia platform sandal, is a collabor-YAY-tion (like my new word?) too—with Tucker. Hope to see these bad boys dancing on my feet come spring!


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Of the Moment Mint


Brooklyn Blonde|For the Love of Pretty

Mint is having a moment—have you noticed? I for one, couldn’t be happier. Mainly because I happen to look quite lovely in mint. I’m always a big fan of the pastel shades—the girly girl in me loves them—but I am happy to pick just one this coming spring. More mint in 2013!


I love the flats especially! I can just picture them with cropped white or dark denim skinny jeans this spring. The perfect pop of color for when the weather finally turns warm again.


Necklace|Eye Shadow Duo|Earrings|Flats|Belt|Nail Polish|Dress|Skirt

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Dawson’s Creek and J.Crew Collaboration


Okay, I am about to go all high-school on you guys. I was on Pinterest today and saw a pin that immediately caught my eye. I hadn’t seen the image in more than ten years, but I would have known it anywhere. Back in 1998, Dawson’s Creek did a special collaboration with J.Crew—the whole magazine was Joey Potter, Pacey Witter, Dawson Leary and Jen Lindley, modeling J.Crew clothes and looking like they were having the time of their lives.

So, in high-school I was known for my J.Crew obsession. And my friends and I met every week to watch Dawson’s Creek. The combination of the two was like a dream come true for me. I kept my copy of the magazine for a long time, and it was so well-worn and tattered after awhile. It was like total Americana—beautiful young people playing touch football in chinos and button downs, and I ate it right up. I wanted to be the kids in that magazine. I think that makes it a successful collaboration, don’t you?

Now, I look back on the images and I am amazed that I thought these outfits were so stylish and cute. I guess that is par for the course when talking about your adolescent fashions. I mean, I used to rock flannel shirts that I never wore—only tied them around my waist, with jeans that were four sizes too big and Adidas Samba shoes. This vintage J.Crew magazine is full of the same baggy jeans and oversized sweaters—all in muted colors and masculine styles. J.Crew has come a long way since 1998 (thanks, Jenna Lyons!). Now it’s an abundance of pretty picks, bright colors, and cute costume jewelry.


There is a copy of this old issue of J.Crew that was on Ebay a couple weeks ago for over $100. I would be lying if I said I didn’t briefly entertain the idea of buying it. It’s like a tiny piece of my younger self. I mean, come on,  is it any wonder I was obsessed with this show as a teenager? Pacey Witter? Dream. Boat. He still is—if you ask me.

Were you a Dawson-Joey fan or a Pacey-Joey fan?


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Alt Summit 2013 – Part Two


Hello, lovelies! I am home for Alt Summit 2013, and wanted to share the rest of my trip with you. I know I don’t look like I was having any fun from the picture above, but I swear, that is just my look of total concentration and focus. It was a panel on Up and Coming Blogs, so you know I had to be taking careful notes—I am always, always looking for a new blog to add to my ever-expanding bookmarks list.

It was a whirlwind four days—let me tell you! I was exhausted at the end of every day from the amount of information that my brain was trying to process. This trip and conference challenged me in so many ways. It challenged my notions of what blogging should be like and look like, my ideas, my processes, literally—everything. I came home with a long to-do list and some real soul searching to do. I want this blog to be a true representation of me and I want to give you all consistent, amazing content that always blows you away. Thankfully, there were plenty of speakers and panels that gave me ideas on just how to accomplish those goals.


Not that it was all work and no play. There was plenty of play. I stood a three feet from Jessica Alba while she fielded questions about her business, The Honest Company (love love love it – right down to the packaging), chilled in the lounge sponsored by Bing, ate tasty meals while listening to inspiring keynote speakers like Stefan Sagmeister, and met tons of wonderful sponsors like Land of Nod, Serena and Lily, Minted and more.

One of my favorite speakers was Jasmine Star, who gave a talk on personal branding. She was amazing! She was funny, real and so inspiring. Girlfriend taught herself photography as an adult after leaving law school, never having even used a fancy camera, and is now one of the top wedding photographers out there. She is her brand, and left me with a ton to think about and aspire to.

And of course, let’s not forget the big Thursday night party. The theme was Clue, and it was a super colorful shindig to say the least. I wore a very Mad Men-esque dress by Rachel Zoe in a bluish green and was Miss Peacock. We even managed to get a bunch of peacocks into the photo booth for one shot—see if you can spot me.


It was an overwhelming, scary, enlightening, crazy, wonderful experience and I am so glad I went. I have a lot of work to do now that I am home, and it honestly, it all seems a bit daunting at the moment, but it’s also a little exciting to think of where I am headed. Thank you, Alt Summit, for a wonderful week and for giving me so much to think about!


All images via Alt Summit Flickr, by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth


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Alt Summit 2013


Hello, lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter, you know I have been busy and overwhelmed getting ready for Alt Summit, a blogging conference in Salt Lake City, for the past few weeks. I am here now, and it is no less overwhelming! There are so many talented artists, creatives, bloggers, brands, and more, I’m meeting someone new every five minutes. It’s kind of like being on a first date continually for days at a time. I’m learning quite a bit though, and finding some much-needed inspiration—all the while attending fabulously decorated parties with fabulously adorned people. I will be back next week with the scoop from the conference and more fresh content, but for now, I wanted to pop in and say hello and leave you with a few pictures of what has happened so far.


All Images by Brooke Dennis

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Winter Essentials


It has been clear, sunny and cold-cold-cold here in Seattle the past few weeks, and it’s making my skin super dry and making me want to just stay inside all bundled up and cozy. Not to mention, I am headed to the Alt Summit blogger’s conference next week in Salt Lake City where the temperatures are lower than I have ever experienced. So, needles to say, cold weather and how to deal is on my mind. Cute gloves and a heavy moisturizer are essential as is Kiehl’s lip balm and a good pair of slippers. Don’t forget the water bottle for chilly nights and always, always, have some hot chocolate on hand.

Hot Chocolate|Lip Balm|Gloves|Lotion|Slippers|Hot Water Bottle

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Well Said

Well Said Inspirational Quote

Dear friends, I do hope you will forgive me for being a little MIA in the past couple of weeks. I haven’t forgotten about you or all the things I want to share here on the blog. Rather, I have taken on a new role as the editor of DailyCandy Seattle (so super excited, come visit me there), and it is a little bit of an adjustment—as these things often are. I just need a little time to get in the groove with my new job, my old job and this, my passion, and then I will be back with a stylish vengeance. It is always a challenge to find your balance when you add something new and exciting to your life, but it is a wonderful way to continue growing and learning, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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New Year, New Notebook


Kate’s Paperie

It’s a new year with new goals, new resolutions and lots of plans to make. Not to mention, ALT Summit is in just a few weeks and I am going to need somewhere to jot down all that knowledge. For that, I am going to need a few cute notebooks for to-do lists, blog planning, writing and doodling. Here are some of my favorites…aside from my go-to notebook pick—Moleskin, of course.


The red notebook from Target is my favorite—it’s sitting next to me on my desk as we speak. Affordable, and the saying is just charming.


Smythson|Kate’s Paperie|Moma|Sparrow Nest Script

Best Made Company|Hello Polly|Target|Anthropologie


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