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How I Spent My Summer


All images by La Vie Photography

I’ve been totally MIA this summer and I apologize! But, really, I was busy…soaking up the sun, traveling, having drinks on outdoor patios, moving, and most importantly…getting ENGAGED! My boyfriend and the man of my dreams proposed at the end of June, and I will admit it—I spent the summer swept up in the whirlwind and newness of it all and picking out a venue, a photographer, a date, etc. Next, comes the dress! Anyway, now that we have our date – next summer – all picked out, the planning slows down for awhile and I am back with a stylish blogging vengeance.

We had our engagement photos taken last weekend by some dear friends and incredibly talented photographers, Kim and Adam of La Vie Photography. It was such fun – from Molly Moon’s ice cream to Top Pot Donuts and Discovery Park, we had a blast blowing confetti, playing on the beach and eating ice cream. We’re basically big kids.


That tattoo on my fiance’s arm? It’s a tattoo of the monogram of our initials – A and T – that he created for the website he made for me for our engagement (he is a graphic designer). He sent me the link to the website in the morning while I was at work, and completely surprised me. It was filled with photos and stories about our past two years together. I was reading all the stories about us on the site and bawling in my office when my good friend walked in and told me we had to get going—we had a lot to do that day. What followed was a day of pampering arranged by my incredible man—lunch downtown, getting our hair done, getting our nails done—and finally, she presented me with a dress chosen by my fiance and took me to a park where my family and friends were waiting to watch T. propose. It was nothing short of amazing.


I love these photos and they are just the sneak peek! We haven’t even seen the rest and there are tons. I can’t wait!

So glad to be back, lovelies!


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Santorini Style


It’s happening again. I’m getting that restless feeling. Wanderlust. Well, I guess that isn’t an entirely true statement. Really, the wanderlust never goes away. I am forever daydreaming of all the places I want to see and travel to. I would only travel all the time for the rest of my life if I could. Sounds cheesy, but I just want to see the world.

On my mind recently? Santorini in Greece. I came across a shot of Santorini while browsing through Pinterest this week and it just captivated me. Pictures of Santorini always have. Its so blue and so white. The contrast of the bright white against all those shades of blue is so striking. There is the deep blue of the water, the bright blue of the building tops, the cyan blue of the sky—its just heavenly. Such a simple color palette—blue and white—and yet, I am inexplicably drawn to it every single time I see it. In life, and in fashion.

Santorini, I will see you soon. I hope.


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Well Said


Via Grown Up Shoes

I am a bad blogger. I know, you have heard this from me before—many times in the past few months, to be exact. The whole “sorry i’ve been gone and not posting, life has been so crazy, blah, blah, blah” is old news around here. And frankly, I am embarrassed to be here, saying it again. This time, it is unfortunately, more true than ever. I miss my blog and my opportunities to spend time blogging, but a big reason that I have been MIA recently is because my family is going through a really rough time and when I do have spare time, the only thing I truly want to do is spend time with them—soaking them up and soaking them in. So, that is where I have been, and where I will be for awhile. When I can, I will be here—I have lots of new ideas to share, and although my posts may be a little more infrequent for the time being, I am working hard to carve out the time to come back to you! I am still here! Don’t give up on me just yet…I have more in store for you.


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Cuyana Accessories


Last week I went to an event hosted by the adorable Cassandra LaValle from Coco + Kelley, and the hilarious Uncle Beefy from The Bedlam of Beefy, for the accessories company, Cuyana. It was new to me, but they’ve been around awhile. Which begs the question, where have I been? Because their products? ARE. AMAZING.

The ladies behind the brand, Karla and Shilpa, created an online site that allows the rest of the world to discover the hidden treasures from other countries.They travel the world looking for the highest-quality materials in each country, and then, working with local craftsmen, they transform the textiles and metals into gorgeous, limited-edition accessories. For example: they went to Argentina and came back with incredibly soft and supple leather tote bags (they were so dreamy I bought one for myself at the event) and travel cases. Peru meant lush Alpaca wool scarves, and Ecuador meant woven Panama hats. Their latest trip to Turkey issued in amazing Turkish robes of cotton and bamboo that I simply must have. Basically, I love what they do and the awesome products that come at such affordable prices. Is that coming across?


Check them out, it’s a great find. Special thanks to Cassandra and Uncle Beefy for the invite! You hosted such a lovely and fun event!



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Exposed: Peek-a-boo Bra


Coco Brandolini in Elle Magazine, Fashion Salade, Glamour Magazine, Fashionising

It’s been absolutely stunning in Seattle the past week—sunny skies and temperatures in the 80’s. It all happened so suddenly, I was scrambling to pull all my spring and summer staples out of the depths of my closet. I was reminded of one of my favorite hot weather fashion looks today while I was sweltering in my office-appropriate attire. I love the look of a peek-a-boo bra. I think showing off a little bit of your bra can be sexy and fun. I’m not talking unbuttoning your blouse to your navel so that everyone can see your Wonderbra—I am talking about slightly sheer blouses with a lacy and brightly colored bra underneath, or straps showing in a racerback tank. Remember when Carrie from Sex and the City went through a whole season wearing low-backed tops and dresses with her bra strap showing in the back? I know some people think its totally tacky, but I love it. Maybe its the hidden tiny bit of exhibitionist in me. I think it’s a free spirited way to style summer and spring outfits. Just a little peek of sexy.

Would you try this look?


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Take Me Away: A Hotel Life


Have you guys heard about A Hotel Life? It’s my new favorite website to peruse for dream vacation ideas and travel eye-candy. It’s an editorial site that focuses on hotel reviews that are presented with an insider’s view. It’s like looking at your friend’s shots of their luxury vacation and getting their first hand tips and recommendations—except the people are famous and oh-so-stylish. Case in point: the latest addition is the Chateau Marmont reviewed by Yigal Azrouel. They give you all the “important bits” – best way to book, price, number of rooms, vibe, whether you should bring kids or not, whether there is a bar or restaurant or not. With it, they also include the Must Dos in the area – for example: Waris Ahluwalia  and his favorite boutique hotel in Paris. He recommends where to go while you’re there, like Cafe Flore or Jardin du Luxembourg, and the Must Haves are there too: what to wear and take with you for that city, that lifestyle, that hotel.

I adore it. You also get a little bit of an inside peek into these glamorous jet-setters lives. They tell you who they went with and why there were there. Love that kind of US Weekly information. Some day, I will take one of those recommendations and see one of these glorious hotels and cities for myself!


The Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach

Where have you traveled lately?


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My Beauty Must-Haves


These are the products in my arsenal that I couldn’t live without—there are a few missing because I am pretty sure I have proclaimed their amazingness to death on this blog before—like Nars Orgasm blush. It’s the only one I’ll wear. And Diorshow mascara because it looks like you’re wearing falsies. But these are the other day-to-day beauty favorites and must-haves that I am devoted to.

1. Kerastase Bain Satin: This shampoo is my hair’s savior. I regularly highlight my hair blonde, and that’s tough on it. I use this to keep it moisturized but not greasy.

2. Kerastase Ciment Thermique: Another savior product for my over-worked strands. Almost every day I run a straightener or curling iron over my increasingly angry ends, and without this, they would be much much worse for the wear. This protects your strands from the heat and seals the cuticle.

3. Korres Moisturizing Cream for Oily and Dehydrated Skin: I have the worst combination skin, which can make it hard to find the right products for all areas of my face. This moisturizer is gentle but effective in keeping me moisturized but not clogging pores.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat: I wouldn’t leave the house without this. It brightens, lightens, corrects and conceals. It’s a miracle worker for my under-eye circles when there has been too much party-party the night before.

5. Bulgari Omnia Crystalline: This fragrance is my go-t0 for a day fragrance. I try to keep my daytime fragrance picks light and airy, saving the stronger scents for evenings and big events.

6. Korres 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion: Just like the moisturizer from Korres, this is my ideal facial cleanser. It doesn’t foam and isn’t soapy, so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or stripped. It’s gentle but effective and so creamy. It feels like heaven after a long day.

7. Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning: This is the ONLY self tanner I trust to go on my face. Except for a few times when it was ummm…tipsily applied, I’ve never had problems with making mistakes, getting weird lines around the hairline, or going orange. It’s never orange. It’s subtle and just gives you a nice glow.

8. Biologique Recherche P50W: This has to be the most unique product on my shelf. It’s somewhat like a toner, I guess. I became an addict of this stuff when I got my first French facial years ago. It balances the pH of your skin and is kind of an exfoliant as well. It smells to high heaven and tingles/stings when you first start using it, but it makes my skin so bright and clear and radiant. If you can get past the smell, it’s a magic potion, I swear.

9. Fresh Sugar Berry Lip Balm: This one is a no-brainer. For days when my lips are feeling a little dry or chapped but I still want a pinch of color, this is it.

What beauty products are your must-haves?


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Insta-Weekend in Pictures


My weekend was delightful. A Donavon Frankereiter concert with my guy and his brother, taking in the cherry blossoms blooming on the University of Washington campus, shopping for new shoes with my mom and older brother (my first pair of Chanel shoes!), a Saturday night girls’ night in with one of my besties, chocolate, champagne, magazines, and an at home facial from Jessica Alba’s new book, and Easter with the family and a cocktail competition. Deeeeelightful.

P.S. — the facial made my skin feel super soft and it glowed for the next few days. The best part? All the ingredients were in the kitchen! Try it out :)

1/2 cup full fat Greek yogurt

1 tbs ground coffee

A dash lemon juice

Let it dry before rinsing it off with a warm washcloth.


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Daydreaming of Olive and Cypress Trees…


I may or may not peruse the Sotheby’s International Realty site from time to time to do a little real estate dreaming. Recently, I stumbled on this Italian villa in Lucca. The gardens have been photographed for multiple magazines, there is an olive grove, a swimming pool, and I am basically in love. And it can all be mine for the low low price of about 12 million. Womp, womp. For now, I will just keep daydreaming about Italian villas, lemon tress, cypress tress, olive groves, rolling green hills, pasta, gelato, and that beautiful beautiful language that just rolls off the tongue. Sigh.

Ciao, bella.


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Kate Spade Saturday


The Kate Spade Saturday collection came out recently, and it’s all bright colors, bold patterns, graphic prints, and full of fun, carefree spirit—much like Kate Spade, but with a more casual, laid-back, weekend vibe. Unless you live in Japan, it’s only available online, but knowing the quality of Kate Spade, that doesn’t bother me. Plus, there are so many cute options—these are just a few of my favorites. Especially: the calendar that focuses on weekends. It’s a beautiful thing!

I love you, Kate. You’ve done it again!


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