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Fashion Inspiration: Boucle Jackets


The classic Chanel jacket

On the top of my wish list for fall – a boucle jacket. The word may not be familiar to you, but you’d know the jacket style and fabric if you saw it. Classic Chanel jackets are often boucle! A special type of yarn, boucle often resembles tweed and has one thread looser than the others producing a rough textured cloth. It is unbelievably classy, elegant, and yes, a little traditional. But recently, designers have been doing the classic fabric in updated cuts like moto jackets – I adore this new spin on it.


Mayraalejandrax|Unknown|La Modella Mafia|Refined Style|Wendy’s Lookbook|Refined Style|Unknown|Elle UK

Throw one of these jackets on over a loose t-shirt and you can give it an edgy dressed down look – not the matching suit and skirt version of the older ladies from the Upper East Side in New York. Updated, modern, and such a unique fabric – I am in love! These are a few of my favorite ways to wear boucle this fall…a moto jacket in snowy white from Rebecca Taylor, a fun vest from Scotch and Soda, and a dressier jacket with a tuxedo collar from Maison Scotch. Hint, hint: Rebecca Taylor is the Queen of To-Die-For boucle jackets.


Rebecca Taylor|Scotch and Soda|Thakoon|Rebecca Taylor|Maison Scotch


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Fashion Inspiration: Beanies



Beanies were all over the fall and winter runways and I for one, am delighted. They’ve finally got some street style cred. I’ve always loved beanies for bad hair days during the colder months and often rock the slouched look with messy wavy hair. But after seeing them on the runways for this season, I’ve realized they’re now being dressed up as a stylishly acceptable accessory with outfits of every kind — day to night, with heels, with skirts, with feminine coats. They’re not just for skaters, snowboarders, fishermen and grungy college boys anymore! I’ve got to get out and add to my collection because they are going to be one of my top staples for the wintery weather on the way.


Brookyln Blonde|Style Zen|Chi-HagiHara|The Native Fox|Unknown

Would you wear a beanie to work?


Madewell|Eugenia Kim|Warm-Me|Isabel Marant

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Introducing: Umba


When I attended Alt Summit last winter, I was introduced to this fun, creative line called Umba Box that did a monthly subscription service for handmade goods. Recently though, they’ve rebranded their company a little and are now going by the name Umba, with a focus on empowering artists through social selling. Their fall look book and collection are gorgeous. When I saw the the photos above, it got me in the mood for crunchy leaves, hot cider, cozy blankets, rain boots and fires in the fireplace. And then I went to check out the new products on their site and fell in love.

Each product is so thoughtfully and well designed. These are just a few of my favorite finds—wouldn’t the the ampersand bracelet make a cute bridesmaid gift? And the confetti poppers? We used them at our engagement shoot and now I am all about it. They would be so fun for parties.


Anyhow, their community of artists is exceptional and there is tons of cute stuff. Go check it out!



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Emerson Fry


All images via Emerson Fry

I remember when Emerson Fry first started back in 2009 with just a few pieces, and the name was emersonmade. Now it’s a full blown gorgeous, pulled together, chic collection. So elegant and so ladylike. The coats, more than anything, have always been on my highly coveted list of items for my closet. Every season she comes out with different styles and this fall they are so clean with such simple lines. The pale pink knee length version and the leather jackets are my favorite. And that little black dress?? Is it too early to plan a New Year’s Eve outfit?


I could wear everything in this collection. Truly.


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Lulu Frost Spring Summer 2014


All images via Lulu Frost

One day I plan on going to New York Fashion Week, but in the meantime, I follow along closely via Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, websites—whatever means necessary to see the collections as they are happening from across the country. One of  my favorites this year was the Lulu Frost Neon Baroque collection. The photos from the presentation are stunning—mixing the old and the new, kind of like Marie Antoinette and Sophia Coppola. There was tulle, stacks of bracelets, beautiful bouquets of flowers, and models with exquisite hair – it was like princess fairytale with a punky twist.


Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at this showing! I mean, the jewels alone give me heart palpitations. I’ve always been a huge fan of Lulu Frost‘s pieces, but I am particularly drawn to these glamorous, vintage-y looking pieces with such bright, playful, youthful, pops of neon color. Now, if only we didn’t have to wait for February for the collection to hit stores!

Which piece is your favorite?


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Favorite Pins of the Week


Just a few of my favorite pins from the week…

1. I was fighting a nasty cold last week, and thought this would be such a cute gift to take a friend when they are under the weather. Note to self next time someone I love gets sick!

2. It’s officially fall and that means one thing: all pumpkin everything. Pumpkin spice lattes, trips to the pumpkin patch, and pumpkin flavored desserts! Can’t wait to try these oatmeal pumpkin creme sandwich cookies.

3. I love Cuyana bags. I have this tote in brown, but now I am wishing I had one that was mongrammed! Must be time to get another tote in a different color and get this one monogrammed.

4. It’s time to start thinking about how I can take some of my spring and winter pieces into fall. Especially skirts. I’ve been wearing skirts and dresses all summer and am not feeling like wearing pants again quite yet. Tights and oversized sweaters with skirts it is!

5. When I saw this mug I laughed out loud. Must add to my kitchen cupboard.

See you on Pinterest, lovelies!


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How I Spent My Summer


All images by La Vie Photography

I’ve been totally MIA this summer and I apologize! But, really, I was busy…soaking up the sun, traveling, having drinks on outdoor patios, moving, and most importantly…getting ENGAGED! My boyfriend and the man of my dreams proposed at the end of June, and I will admit it—I spent the summer swept up in the whirlwind and newness of it all and picking out a venue, a photographer, a date, etc. Next, comes the dress! Anyway, now that we have our date – next summer – all picked out, the planning slows down for awhile and I am back with a stylish blogging vengeance.

We had our engagement photos taken last weekend by some dear friends and incredibly talented photographers, Kim and Adam of La Vie Photography. It was such fun – from Molly Moon’s ice cream to Top Pot Donuts and Discovery Park, we had a blast blowing confetti, playing on the beach and eating ice cream. We’re basically big kids.


That tattoo on my fiance’s arm? It’s a tattoo of the monogram of our initials – A and T – that he created for the website he made for me for our engagement (he is a graphic designer). He sent me the link to the website in the morning while I was at work, and completely surprised me. It was filled with photos and stories about our past two years together. I was reading all the stories about us on the site and bawling in my office when my good friend walked in and told me we had to get going—we had a lot to do that day. What followed was a day of pampering arranged by my incredible man—lunch downtown, getting our hair done, getting our nails done—and finally, she presented me with a dress chosen by my fiance and took me to a park where my family and friends were waiting to watch T. propose. It was nothing short of amazing.


I love these photos and they are just the sneak peek! We haven’t even seen the rest and there are tons. I can’t wait!

So glad to be back, lovelies!


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Santorini Style


It’s happening again. I’m getting that restless feeling. Wanderlust. Well, I guess that isn’t an entirely true statement. Really, the wanderlust never goes away. I am forever daydreaming of all the places I want to see and travel to. I would only travel all the time for the rest of my life if I could. Sounds cheesy, but I just want to see the world.

On my mind recently? Santorini in Greece. I came across a shot of Santorini while browsing through Pinterest this week and it just captivated me. Pictures of Santorini always have. Its so blue and so white. The contrast of the bright white against all those shades of blue is so striking. There is the deep blue of the water, the bright blue of the building tops, the cyan blue of the sky—its just heavenly. Such a simple color palette—blue and white—and yet, I am inexplicably drawn to it every single time I see it. In life, and in fashion.

Santorini, I will see you soon. I hope.


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Well Said


Via Grown Up Shoes

I am a bad blogger. I know, you have heard this from me before—many times in the past few months, to be exact. The whole “sorry i’ve been gone and not posting, life has been so crazy, blah, blah, blah” is old news around here. And frankly, I am embarrassed to be here, saying it again. This time, it is unfortunately, more true than ever. I miss my blog and my opportunities to spend time blogging, but a big reason that I have been MIA recently is because my family is going through a really rough time and when I do have spare time, the only thing I truly want to do is spend time with them—soaking them up and soaking them in. So, that is where I have been, and where I will be for awhile. When I can, I will be here—I have lots of new ideas to share, and although my posts may be a little more infrequent for the time being, I am working hard to carve out the time to come back to you! I am still here! Don’t give up on me just yet…I have more in store for you.


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Cuyana Accessories


Last week I went to an event hosted by the adorable Cassandra LaValle from Coco + Kelley, and the hilarious Uncle Beefy from The Bedlam of Beefy, for the accessories company, Cuyana. It was new to me, but they’ve been around awhile. Which begs the question, where have I been? Because their products? ARE. AMAZING.

The ladies behind the brand, Karla and Shilpa, created an online site that allows the rest of the world to discover the hidden treasures from other countries.They travel the world looking for the highest-quality materials in each country, and then, working with local craftsmen, they transform the textiles and metals into gorgeous, limited-edition accessories. For example: they went to Argentina and came back with incredibly soft and supple leather tote bags (they were so dreamy I bought one for myself at the event) and travel cases. Peru meant lush Alpaca wool scarves, and Ecuador meant woven Panama hats. Their latest trip to Turkey issued in amazing Turkish robes of cotton and bamboo that I simply must have. Basically, I love what they do and the awesome products that come at such affordable prices. Is that coming across?


Check them out, it’s a great find. Special thanks to Cassandra and Uncle Beefy for the invite! You hosted such a lovely and fun event!



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