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Latest Cool and Clever Finds…

With all of the hours I spend tweeting, facebooking, blogging and researching articles on the internet, I have to keep a little file with all of the fantastic finds and clever things that I find online. Here’s some of the latest… Ok, so first up, when I saw this, I nearly died. I have got to find out where this is and if it truly exists, because if it does, I am so there!

From, photo by Louis Psyosos
Tree camping, people! How incredible does this look? I am starting to get the feeling its not for real, but oh, if it were!
Next up, an amazing calendar from designer and artist Oscar Diaz
I am not sure how well this would really work, time-wise, but its a really cool concept. Using the capillary action of ink on the paper, the calendar uses the timed pace of the ink spreading on the paper, to indicate time. The ink is absorbed slowly and apparently, the numbers on the calendar are “printed” daily. I love how inventive and different this idea is.
Another amazing piece of art I stumbled on recently, is a giant installation at the 21st Century Museum of Art, in Japan, from artist Leandro Erlich.
It’s a fake pool!
The top surface is filled with 4-5 inches of water, so it appears from the top, to look like a realistic pool. The people underneath the swimming pool, can look up and see a realistic water effect above them, but the water layer is only about 10 centimeters deep and is suspended over transparent glass. Viewers enter the empty pool space beneath to experience the effect. I gotta say, I kinda love it.
Finally, this last find makes me wish I worked for National Geographic, because its just such a cool thing to try. Just last month, they tried to create a real-life version of Pixar’s animated film, “Up”.
The whole thing was apparently filmed for a series on the National Geographic Channel, called “How Hard Could it Be?” – set to premiere this coming fall. National Geographic got a team of scientists, engineers and two balloon pilots together and they successfully launched a 16×16 foot house that was 18 feet tall. Using 300 eight foot weather balloons, they sent the house up from a private airfield outside of Los Angeles.
Wouldn’t that have been fun to see in person?
All images from
And off it goes…it was up in the air for about an hour. I have to remember to watch the actual episode when it premieres this fall!
All very clever and cool, no?
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Fashion Inspiration: Take Notice Necklaces

My grandmother was one of the first fashionistas that I ever laid eyes on. Looking back at old photos, I always find myself marveling at her sleek, chic outfits and perfectly chosen accessories. She had a particular thing for jewelry – big cocktail rings, a long pearl necklace and pieces that always made a statement. I like to think that I inherited her love of fashion and jewelry, as well as her knack for choosing fabulous pieces – especially when it comes to big rings and bold necklaces.

With that in mind, I think that she would have loved this post on the big, bold necklaces that scream “notice me!” for spring and summer. Here are some of my favorites…

Amrita Singh necklace from

Talk about a “pop” of color – I am all about this amazing necklace from Amrita Singh. Can’t you just imagine it paired with a white collared dress shirt, undone a few buttons and dark denim skinny ankle length jeans? Clearly, I need to have this necklace because I have the outfit for it all picked out already.

Left to Right: Oscar de la Renta and Kenneth Jay Lane, from

For a softer look that is still eye-catching, try one of these stunners from Oscar de la Renta and Kenneth Jay Lane. The gold Oscar would look great with a little black dress, don’t you think?


Elva Fields is always a given when it comes to statement necklaces – and if I had the extra cash in my wallet, the first place I would go for a bejeweled bauble or two. I love how she attaches vintage brooches and pieces to her beaded necklaces – it makes them truly unique.

From Left to Right: Lulu Frost and Erickson Beamon from
Silver and crystals always seem to add an edgy vibe to outfits – and the girly statement necklaces in particular. Especially this one from Erickson Beamon – with the spiky cut crystals.
And finally, because we all need a yellow and sparkle in our wardrobe this spring, this beauty from Rodrigo Otazu. It reminds me of a classic necklace fit for a queen, with a colorful twist.
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Well Said

Just feeling a little bit impatient at the moment. Get here faster, destiny! 
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Spring Style from Bellevue Collection and Polyvore

A few weeks ago, I participated in a local blogging contest hosted by The Bellevue Collection, involving Polyvore. If you haven’t yet tried Polyvore, you simply must. If you are a shopping, style, fashion, and blogging nut like I am, you will love this site that gives you the ability to form quick and easy inspiration boards that pull from all the best shopping sites on the web. It’s truly amazing.

The contest asked us bloggers to create a spring style fashion board in Polyvore that represented the Bellevue Collection Woman, with chosen items from within the Collection. While I didn’t win, it was a lot of fun and gave me the chance to play with, and subsequently become addicted to, Polyvore.  Below, you can check out my submission – I went for a focus on the Seventies-style trend for spring with a maxi dress and wedges. Make sure to check out all the other winners here, too!

Seventies Inspired Spring Style by ABreckel featuring maxi dresses

Maxi dress
Banana republic
Black platform shoes
Banana Republic knot necklace
Oversized sunglass
Sephora – Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss & Fard…

Thanks for sponsoring such a fun contest Bellevue Collection!
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Fashion Inspiration: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Image Source Unknown

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but here in Seattle, its raining, its pouring. The other day, someone mentioned to me that it was apparently the wettest March we’ve had in a few years. Siiiiiigh. The days of rain and clouds leave me longing for just a glimpse of the sun, but since I’ve probably got a little while to go before that happens here in Seattle, why not focus on the cute rainy weather attire available and of good use, this time of year?

First things first, even if you aren’t properly attired for a downpour, you can stay dry with a cute umbrella. They say true Seattleites don’t use umbrellas, but as a life-long resident, I will attest to this being completely false. But my thought is, if you’re going to carry an umbrella, why not make it fun and interesting instead of boring old black? Here are some of my favorites…

Keep things bright and colorful on a gray day with the rainbow umbrella from Uncommon Goods, or take a whimsical turn with the birdcage umbrella from Lulu Guinness. A Burberry umbrella is always a classic choice and keeps basic black from being boring, and the polka dot option from Barney’s signals a fun-loving kind of gal. My personal favorite is the Rain Rain Go Away clear umbrella from Felix Ray – how adorable is that? And finally, wish away the gray skies with blue skies under your umbrella from Uncommon Goods.

Next up, you’re going to need a good pair of rain boots for stomping in the puddles this spring, so check these out:

Hunter rain boots are my absolute all-time favorite galoshes. These classic Wellie’s, originally designed to be worn by the British Army during World War I, have become all the rage recently. For a fancy rain boot option, try the Jimmy Choo crocodile print Hunter boots – a fabulous combination of style and utility. The classic tall Hunter’s are the ones I have in my closet, but I would love to add another pair in this bright purple color. Finally, go for an embellished look with the Regent Grosvenor pair with gold buttons and embossed black rubber.

How cute are these red and black high heeled rain boots from Kate Spade? Preppy chic! Gray days call for bright clothing and accessory choices to beat the blues, which is one of the reasons I love this Chooka yellow-polka-dot pair. Or, choose something with a little bit of a rocker edge with these studded Burberry rain boots.

But, if I had to choose one pair of rain boots for this spring season, it would be these Festival short Wellington’s from Hunter. The bright color, the rocker feel – they are fabulous!

Finally, lets pick out some must-have trench coats to keep dry when the rain drops begin to fall.

Naturally, the go-to, top of the line trench coat is Burberry. I love the classic choices in black and tan twill. They are so classic, so refined, so elegant and so ladylike. What’s not to love? This pale pink anorak from Emma Cook is another great choice to give you a fashionable forecast on a rainy day.

If you like to keep it interesting, why not opt for a leopard print trench like this one from Alice and Olivia? Or a sleek bright red choice with a flower embellishment from Lanvin – oh, and by the way, I will take one of each, please.

But the ultimate trench for me this spring has got to be this bright pink one from, of course, Burberry. Want it. Need it. Have to have it.

Happy spring showers everyone!
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Fashion Inspiration: For the Love of Shoes…

Or, shoe porn. Or, some of the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen in my life. These are some of my all time favorites. And with my ridiculous, over the top love for shoes, to narrow it down to these and say they are my favorites…well, that’s something. As Ms. Carrie Bradshaw once put it…”Hello, Lover”.

Christian Louboutin,
That color! Those bows…I dream of these shoes.
Miu Miu,
If it’s got a ridiculously high heel and it sparkles or glitters, I will probably swoon over it.
Christian Louboutin, Source Unknown.
Can you imagine a more perfect wedding shoe?
Brian Atwood,
The color, the studs, the clear plastic sides, the insane height, Brian Atwood is a genius.
Source and Designer Unknown
I don’t know who made these shoes, but talk about diamonds on the soles of your feet. I DIE.
I love the look of the rock-n-roll snakeskin with a soft ribbon ankle tie. Tough but sweet.
Matthew Williamson,
Can you say stylish and ultra-chic Alice in Wonderland?
Charlottle Olympia,
 These shoes are hot. The vibrant red and the crazy exposed platform, with the ruffled wing-like decoration on the back? Yowza.
This is the kind of heel that a klutz like me would absolutely break her ankle in, but the little cluster of jewels is just irresistible!
Stuart Weitzman,
 Hot pink, peep toe, platform pumps with diamante decorations – need I say more?
Christian Louboutin,
Look how sparkly!
Christian Louboutin,
The detailing on the back of this shoe has captured my heart. That, and the fact that its pink. Patent-leather pink. Drool.
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Image of the Day

Ok, I am starting a new kind of “regular” post on the blog – a photo of the day. Just a collection of amazing images that have captured my heart, made me feel, or made me think. And I think, we will start with this one…


I love the perspective of this shot – the way it makes the buildings seem so massive, dwarfing everything below them and making the street seem so narrow, as if the buildings are towering over it in an imposing way. Plus, the one pop of bright yellow color from the taxi cab is a nice touch.

And because its the first one of these posts and I am having trouble making decisions tonight, I am going to show a few more!


I don’t know if this has been Photoshop-ed or not, it would be pretty amazing, if not. Check out the insane reflection of the sunset in the bubble. Real or fake?


Simply because two of my dearest friends in the world are about to have their first babies – and this makes me think of them and the little miracles they are about to introduce to the world!

Source Unknown

Barefoot. Reminds me of summer – feeling the hot pavement or deck under bare feet, and I could use some of that this rainy week. Plus, there is something so graceful and elegant about her feet.

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Well Said

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Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

One of my style icons is Olivia Palermo. Honestly, when she was on The City, I couldn’t stand her – she made me crazy annoyed – all the time. But there is no denying, the girl has great style. I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen her in something that hasn’t made me swoon in total and utter fashion envy. Her style is so perfectly New York chic – lots of black, lots of well-tailored pieces, amazing bags and she even manages to combine pieces you would never think of together to make totally unique but wearable outfits. Not to mention, her hair. I would die for that hair.

I love the look on the right – all black and trendy, but with just a pop of white. I also love the tights under the shorts combination. Not sure I could pull it off, but its fierce! The look on the right is so ladylike and sophisticated and the belt is such the perfect finishing touch.

In the image on the left, I love that she is once again rocking the tights under shorts look. And that sweater – AHHHMAZING. The second outfit is so simple and really not anything fancy, but it looks great for a weekend walking around Soho shopping – and I love how her bags are always so structured. Finally, what is more chic than a white button down dress shirt? Combined with a big statement necklace and a pair of Wayfarers, you’ve got fashionable down, cold.

These three outfits, to me, are the perfect embodiment of casual, comfortable and chic. A blazer with skinny jeans is a great option for so many things – a date, a tweet-up, a meeting with clients, love it.

I love the idea of wearing shorts in a dressy way for an event. Paired with the booties, its a stylish way to do “going out” clothes in a different way, for a chance. And the green dress? Well, I just have a massive crush on that shade of green.

Again, lots of black, but it’s definitely not boring! The short sleeve coat with a long sleeve shirt worn underneath it is a great idea and way to play with proportions – plus, Chanel flats? Win. Now if only I could pull of leather leggings…

There are plenty of pictures out there in the blogosphere of Olivia and her boyfriend, and although I am pretty sure they don’t purposely coordinate their outfits, they also look in sync and their styles seem to complement each other. Love the ruffled jacket!

The look on the left is one of my all-time favorites. A vest, belted over a dress – I never would have thought to put those together, but it looks awesome. On the right, I love her skinny suit- she manages to make it look so feminine when it could look too masculine. Perfect tailoring and super high heels make it work.

Can’t say I’m a fan of the girl on TV, but I am definitely a huge fan or her style and fashion choices.

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Fashion Inspiration: Neon Pink Lips for Spring

One of my favorite makeup trends for Spring is the bright, neon pink lip – especially when its a matte neon pink lip. While I am not sure I could pull of this look myself, I love it none the less – its so fresh and vibrant! I might just have to try it after all.

Hot Pink Lips

Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Moist Glow – Liquifuschia, $24

Yves Saint Laurent – Rouge Personnel #12 Arrogant Raspberry, $35
MAC Lipgelee, $15
NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil – Baroque, $24
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