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Wedding Beauty Prep


With just four months to go before my wedding day, I have started focusing on a few new parts of my beauty routine to ensure that by August I am looking and feeling like the best version of myself. Mostly I am focused on my skin and hair.

I think all the years of abuse are finally starting to get to my fine locks. Between the foil treatments, daily workout ponytails, blow dryer, straightening iron and curling iron, it appears to have had it. Ideally, I want my hair to be  nice and long for the wedding, but it’s been breaking off and refusing to grow this past year. After talking to my stylist and my colorist at Gene Juarez, I decided to try taking Biotin vitamins – they’re supposed to make your hair grow thick and strong –  and started using Kerastase Intialiste every time I wash my hair. I am obsessed with it. First of all, it smells divine. Second, it is actually working. I’ve done a lot of different things to try and revitalize my hair, but this seems to strengthen it at the roots and keep it from breaking off as much as it used to. Plus, it never leaves my hair greasy, which is one of the standards I measure a great hair product by.

Second, I’ve invested in the Hydrating B5 Gel from SkinCeuticals. A gal giving me a facial recently told me there’s a difference between moisturizing skin and hydrating skin. With this gel, I feel like I am actually hydrating it. It seems to plump my skin and moisturize it from within. It’s not like putting lotion on your face. It feels like an actual change in your skin – not just a layer of cream. Plus, the gel isn’t sticky or heavy. It’s super light and dries really fast – making it a cinch to put on under makeup.

Last but definitely not least, sunscreen. I had a few moles removed my face recently, and to keep the scars from darkening or getting worse, I need at least 50 SPF on my face. There is 30 SPF sunscreen in my foundation, but before the wedding, I am amping it up to 50. This one from La Roche Posay is super light and great for sensitive skin. It’s also nice since I hate feeling like there is a thick layer of product on my face. I plan to keep this going long after the wedding. We all know how crucial sunscreen is – to protect scars from getting worse, especially.


Finally, and possibly my favorite part of this whole beauty routine, the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial at Willow’s Lodge Spa. I had my first one a couple weeks ago I am absolutely hooked. It’s also known as the red carpet facial – stars are known for getting one right before big red carpet events. They did one half of my face first and when I looked in the mirror, the difference was SO obvious. The side of my face that hadn’t been treated yet looked like I had a lazy eye! That was how much it lifted and plumped my skin. For the next few days, my skin literally glowed and felt super smooth – like a baby’s skin. I hate to say a beauty treatment can be life changing, but it was life changing!! I plan on doing a few of them leading up to the wedding – including the day before.

What did you do to to prepare for your wedding? Any other products I should try before the big day?


Sunscreen|Moisturizer|Vitamins|Hair Serum

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Slip on a Shirtdress


It’s no secret – I am so ready for spring weather and spring clothing. I am itching to ditch the long pants and boots, the sweaters and jackets, in favor of flirty skirts, sandals, dresses, and sunglasses. The dress style that has been catching my eye recently? The shirtdress. It’s such a stylish throwback – back in the 50s, women rocked this style all the time with a full skirt and a sharp collar.


Glitter and Grace|Atlantic Pacific

With sandals or wedges, I love the cross between a feminine dress and the menswear look of a button down with a collar. Put on a little belt and you’re good to go – a perfect casual spring outfit for cruising around on the weekends. These are some of my favorite options…


T By Alexander Wang|Equipment|Diane Von Furstenberg|Dagmar Lisen


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Palm Springs Style


One of my dear friends took a trip to Palm Springs a couple weeks ago, and I must say, I wish I could have gone with her. I am ready for some sun and heat and Seattle is just not quite there yet. Maybe in a few months. I am just feeling so inspired by the Palm Springs style right now – bright colors, wedges, palm trees, fresh manicures and pedicures that actually get seen…it all sounds so delightful. Here’s hoping I can visit soon! Until then, I’ll keep painting my nails bright colors and waiting for the sun to come out long enough that I can slip into my Chanel sandals.


Shoes|Swimsuit|Necklace|Dress|Nail Polish|Clutch

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Slip On Sneakers


I am totally obsessed with the new spring trend of slip on sneakers. As much as I love fashion and style, I love to be comfortable just as much. When the two worlds collide, I’m a happy camper. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this idea sooner, really. My fiance is the world’s BIGGEST Van’s fan. Literally, he doesn’t own any shoes that aren’t Vans—except flip flops and one pair of dress shoes. Vans are like the original slip on sneaker — I should have taken a cue from his closet earlier and stolen the look. The fact that I am now interested in having a few pairs of slip on Vans sneakers, is probably his proudest moment.

They are such perfect weekend casual shoes. I pair my leopard print ones with skinny distressed jeans or cropped black skinny jeans usually. Last week for a party, I paired them with a blush silk button down from Everlane, and my torn up J Brand skinnies and a statement necklace – if I do say so myself, it was a perfect dressed-up and dressed-down look.


Madison Muse|Not Your Standard|La Cool & Chic|Stella Wants to Die|Unknown

Check out a few of my favorite pairs — I think I may need to add the gold Vans to my closet soon. Or maybe the dark denim ones. Or maybe ALL OF THEM.


Polka Dots|Gold|Camo|Leopard|Chambray Polka Dots|Denim


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Winner of the See Eyewear Giveaway


We’ve got a winner for the See Eyewear giveaway! Thank you all so much for participating – I wish I could give you all a pair! This time, the free pair of stylish sunnies or frames goes to Miss Tiffany Southworth – congrats, lady! Email to me claim your prize, and the rest of you, stop by See for a little shopping. I’ll have another giveaway for you soon!



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See Eyewear


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening party for the new See Eyewear in downtown Seattle — the first boutique in the Northwest. Now, I’m not a glasses-wearer, but truthfully, it doesn’t really matter —the glasses and sunglasses here are trendy and stylish, so I’d gladly wear any pair without the prescription lenses — and I’m not the only one! Their tag line is “hip without the rip” because they source directly from the world’s most forward thinking designers — meaning, the price tag for shoppers is much more affordable then other eyeglass spots.

I spent the party trying on frames of all shapes, sizes, and colors and have marked a few for purchase on my next visit. I also had the chance to meet the founder, Richard Golden — who naturally, had very fashionable glasses and was entirely charming. I am planning to head back for a pair of sunglasses in the next week before spring hits.

And now, a little something for you. See Eyewear is helping me give away a free pair of their prescription or non-prescription eyewear for one lucky reader! Just leave a comment on the post, below, and a winner will be chosen at random next Wednesday, February 26. What are you waiting for? Go comment!


xoxo, lovelies! And good luck.

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Kate Spade Fall/Winter 2014


New York Fashion Week wrapped up a week ago, did you follow along with any of the collections? I kept pretty close tabs through Instagram, but my favorite by far was — of course — Kate Spade. I love pretty much EVERYTHING about this collection for next fall and winter. It keeps to the Kate Spade basics – classic, throwback lines, bright colors, a little leopard print, ladylike silhouettes, beautiful coats, and bows. My top pick is the dress on the bottom — I adore the bright pattern and the origami style bow on the top, as well as the bell shape of the skirt. It makes me want to throw a party. The polka dot slip dress is pretty magical too — and I am a sucker for anything that combines black and tan together. In fact, can’t remember the last time Kate did something I didn’t like!


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Toiletry Case|Coaster|Shirt|Card Case|Lipgloss|Water Bottle|Chocolate Chips|Bottlestopper|Lipstick|Clutch|Heels

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Red and Black Buffalo Plaid


Via Ivory Lane

It may not be the dead of winter anymore, and we may be seeing spring clothes in the stores already, but here in Seattle, we still have very much winter-like weather. And I am completely obsessed with buffalo plaid. I am totally into channeling my inner lumberjack in red and black check. It would be so fun to mix this masculine plaid with sequins, sparkly jewels, heels, and skinny jeans.


See Anna Jane|J.Crew|McKenna Blue|Brooklyn Blonde|Ivory Lane


I love mixing laid back masculine looks like this with more feminine pieces. The final result is cozy and casual, but chic. J’adore! I am a huge fan of the jacket from J.Crew because the shape and cut makes it eternally classic, but I would also rock the trapper hat with long loose waves and aviators.

buffalo red and black plaid



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My New Emily Ley Simplified Planner


All images via Emily Ley

Happy New Year, lovelies! I am so excited for 2014 – I’m getting married to the man of my dreams this year, and I cannot wait. With every new year, I get to shop for one of my favorite things – a new planner. Yes, I know I could keep all my meetings, dates and other important info on my iPhone, but I am old-school. I like a paper calendar that I can flip the pages in and write in with a real pen – somehow, having something tangible that I can hold, feels more organized to me. We’re a dying breed those of us that love the paper calendars. This year, I found my new favorite yearly planner OF ALL TIME. Before this Emily Ley planner came along, I was a Moleskine calendar devotee, but Emily Ley just blew all of that out of the water with her colorful, cheerful, oh-so-pretty, beautifully organized calendar.

It’s big, and spiral bound, and there is room for To-Do Lists and notes, a pocket in the front for stray papers, verses and inspirational quotes on most pages, even a spot for meal planning – something I am determined to get better about this year. And there are tabs – non flimsy, bright ones that make flipping to future months super easy. Truth be told, I also ordered her wedding planner. I couldn’t help myself – her planners are just too pretty.

I am in love with just everything about them. You should get one if you’re one of those non-digital calendar keepers, too.


So, how many of you keep written paper calendars these days?


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