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Pretty Things: Fleabags

Fleabags Bags

All Images via Fleabags

I know I am a little late to the game here, but I just discovered the amazing-ness that is Fleabags and I am totally charmed. The ladies who designed this line of bags describe them as the solution to wanting to carry their lives around with them in their purses. This is something I can relate to well. I like to tote around giant bags filled to the brim with anything I might need at any point during the day. Case in point – my bag currently contains: a pair of black leggings, two juice boxes, a protein bar, 11 lipglosses, two pairs of sunglasses, my phone, my keys, my wallet, my change purse, headphones, a water bottle, three packs of gum, a tin of mints, a beauty emergency kit, and much – much – more.

So, when I read that these bags are large, lightweight and sturdy, I had to look into it further. The materials are organic and vintage, and they are made in limited edition, hand-made, small production batches. I love that the edition number is hand numbered onto each bag, as well – what a lovely detail!

The clutches are pretty darling too. I’m already imagining toting one to and from the beach this summer…


Do you carry your life around in your purse too?


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Fashion Inspiration: My Converse Chucks

Converse Sneakers - Chucks

I’m a girly girl – I love my high heels and my flirty dresses and the color pink. But, truth be told, you know what I love almost more than anything else in my closet? My Converse All Stars – or as I lovingly refer to them, my Chucks. I quite honestly, don’t know how I would survive without them. I wore them when I was in middle school, and I’m wearing them still to this day. They are the perfect sneakers for me – I love the clean, classic, simple, all-American look – they make me feel preppy and sporty, but still cute and stylish. And although I always wore them with shorts and jeans, I’ve been realizing lately how cute they can be with other outfits as well…

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Sincerely Jules, The Fashion Junki, Lookbook, Lookbook, Wildfox Tumblr, What I’d Wear Tumblr     

They look totally adorable with long maxi skirts and little summer dresses. Who knew they would even work so well with tights? Its a little edgy and different, and I’m liking it. I will be rocking these tennis shoes until I’m 95. Count on it.

What is your favorite pair of shoes in your closet?


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Three Cheers For: Gold Makeup

Gold Makeup

W Magazine

Let’s be honest – nothing beats the warm summer glow you get during the summer – everyone feels prettier with a little bit of a bronzed, sun-kissed look. And you know what goes well with a sun-kissed summer glow? More glowy-goodness! I’m talking gold. It looks so good against bronzed skin. No big surprise then, that golden bronzed makeup is on trend for the summer months. Metallics in general are big this coming season, but the shimmery gold is what I’ve fallen head over heels for. Its glamorous, its sexy and I can’t wait to bust it out this summer.

Gold Makeup

W Magazine, Butterfly Diary, Holly Arabella  

You can go big and bold (the gold foiled eyes at Fendi, anyone?) or you can do subtle. You can do bright gold eyes, or you can do a smoky gold eye with deep rich browns and bronzes – like the image here on the bottom. If you want to do gold really subtly, try a gold dusting powder or an gold-toned illuminator on your skin. I think my favorite new idea for wearing gold makeup is the eyeliner in the picture above – a line of gold on top of a line of black.

I’m ready to bronzed, glowing and golden – how about you?

Gold Makeup

Nars Shimmering Body Oil, Stila Eyeshadow, Benefit Highlighter, Deborah Lippman, Organic Glam and Nars Nail Polish, Bobbi Brown Powder Gel Bronzer, Chanel Lipstick, Guerlain Pure Gold Makeup Base, Nars Body Illuminator, Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil


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Pretty Things: Colorful Clutches from k.slademade

Colorful Clutches from k.slademade

I am taken with this colorful eye candy at the moment. I am really into bright colors this spring and these clutches from k.slademade are making my day! I love how punchy and bright they are – they are just made for summer! I would love to pair one with a little white dress and let it do all the talking. I am a little short on clutches – I always gravitate towards the big, carry-your-life-around-in-it kind of bags – these little darlings are changing my mind though! Wouldn’t the pink one look so cute with a nautical navy and white striped dress and gold sandals?

Colorful Clutches from k.slademade

All images via k.slademade

Are you more of a clutch kind of girl or a tote kind of girl?


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Etsy Love: High Street Market

Etsy Vintage Shop - High Street Market

As you all know, I have been working on making over my bedroom for the past couple months. Its coming along slowly – right now I am obsessed with finding the right bookcases and tables for the room – to display all my treasured possessions – books, jewelry trays, knick knacks – you know how it goes. I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest on how to create pretty vignettes and displays on your coffee tables and bookcases, and its led to me shopping for more pretty things to put on said bookcases and tables. It was bound to happen, right? I am a shopaholic – we all know this.

Anyway, I stumbled on a new Etsy sight I just love and had to share with you! High Street Market has tons of great, unique vintage finds for the home. Some are so quirky and fun, others are great staples to have – like trays and cake plates. These are the pieces I fell in love with this time around – especially the whale. Are you kidding me?! I have no idea what I would use it for (its an old ashtray), but I don’t care! He just need to come home and live here with me. Also a fabulous must-have? The milk glass ashtray to use as a business card holder! Loves.

Do you have a favorite place for vintage home shopping? I would love to hear!


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Places and Spaces: L’Andana Grosseto

L'Ananda Grosetto

Can we just talk for a minute about how AHHH-MAYZING this villa in Grosetto, Italy, is? As you all know, I am madly, truly, deeply in love with Italy after having lived there for a short time a few years ago. Ever since, I dream about it – pretty much daily. Sometimes every hour on the hour. Some people may think its a tad obsessive…I just like to think its because they haven’t been yet.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Today I stumbled on L’Andana – an incredible hotel and estate set amidst the fairytale Tuscan landscape. It was once the hunting estate of the Grand Duke Leopold II – complete with golden rolling hills and green vineyards. There is a half-mile driveway up to the estate – lined with cypresses and umbrella pines – feeling the need for a getaway yet?

L'Andana Grosseto

The rooms are spread across the Duke’s old villa and a connected farmhouse, and all designed by the editor of the Italian Architectural Digest. There are hardwood floors, oversized tubs and antique-style furniture. You order your breakfast in the kitchen and can dine al fresco while reading the morning paper (can you tell I am already imagining my stay?). There are over a thousand acres to explore on the grounds, although I am pretty sure I would spend a good deal of my afternoons poolside. Truly, I am so taken with this place and I have only seen it and read about it online. My imagination might be running away with me, but I am already envisioning how terribly romantic it all would be. How I would work on my novel among the gardens, get massages and take long luxurious soaks in a claw-foot tub. Not to mention eating my weight in cheese, bread and pasta, and wandering among the olive groves hand in hand with my lovaaah. But I digress…

L'Ananda Grosseto

 Someday I will take a trip to Italy and while away my days in a grand villa like this one. Until then…I will just dream about it. Probably every hour. On the hour. Oh, and look at it online.

What do you say? Has this post convinced you to run away to Italy with me?


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Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Photo by Nathan Kraxberger

The fashion and style blogosphere was abuzz today with news of the Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal collection. In launching his latest bridal collection, Oscar did something fresh, cutting edge, and in my humble opinion, totally brilliant. The runway show (including the backstage prep) was “live pinned” on Pinterest. There is so much momentum with Pinterest right now, this was a really smart decision to get his latest collection out there to the people most interested in seeing it, right away – and ensure its getting shared – A LOT. Live-pinning, take note – you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it, I predict.

Now, back to the fashion – I loved seeing the runway images so quickly – especially since everything was so absolutely breathtaking, but I think my favorite part of the live-pinning was seeing behind-the-scenes and getting up-close shots of the details. I mean, let’s face it – Oscar does stunning details like no one else.

There were a lot of baby blue accents in the collection – an idea I adore. With Oscar’s designs you can take the “something blue” and wear it loud and proud during the wedding. And the perfect little sophisticated buns? I think we know how into this look I am at the moment.

Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Meagan Cignoli, Megan Cignoli, Rachel Scroggins, Nathan Krazberger

The flower selection was perfection – made me think about what I might want in my bouquet someday – these blooms are so fresh and springy.

Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Nathan Kraxberger, Meagan Cignoli, Nathan Kraxberger

The detail shots of the dresses are my awesome! I love that I can get a close up look, almost like I was really there – its usually not possible to get a full idea of the dress from just the runway shot – these give me goosebumps! The tulle, the beading, the lace, the feathers…be still my heart!

Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Nathan Kraxberger, Meagan Cignoli, Rachel Scroggins, Rachel Scroggins, Rachel Scroggins

And let us not forget – the baubles, the sparkly things, the beading and the jewels. Yes, please!

Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Meagan Cignoli, Meagan Cignoli, Rachel Scroggins, Rachel Scroggins

Thanks to Oscar’s genius social media team, now I am spoiled and am going to want to see boards like this from all my favorite designers – behind the scenes, up close and personal, live-Pinning! For shots of the stunning dresses from the collection, in all their glory, click here!

What do you think about the whole live-Pinning idea?


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Three Cheers For: The Vintage Pajama Set

Vintage Pajama Set

Via Lex Est Rex

Alright, so I know the new trend is pajama-wear during the day time, but its one trend that I prefer to keep in the bedroom. I’ve seen a lot of pajama-style pants and tops on the streets lately, and it did get me thinking. Usually my pajamas consist of (is this too personal? hmmm…meh!) sweats and an oversized t-shirt – I know, its not super chic or sexy, but sometimes a girl just wants to be cozy, okay? Or a cute little nightgown during the spring and summer. But recently, I have really been wanting a pair of vintage-style pajamas – the top that buttons down like a man’s shirt, with a collar, and matching pants. It looks cozy and comfy but its also stylish and sexy – the perfect combination, if you ask me!

Something about it is a little like wearing your guy’s button down – totally sexy. Its menswear for bedtime instead of daytime! I am thinking I will need one cotton pair with pinstripes and one silky pair – just to be luxurious. A totally glamorous pajama option.

Pajama Sets

Piamita, Marni, Equipment, Equipment, Lanvin, Bodas, Marni

Care to share what you lounge around in or wear to bed?


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Fashion Inspiration: Midi Skirts

Midi Skirt

Oma Vintage

I am ready to start filling my closet with cute new pieces for spring and summer, but ever since I started my new day job, I’ve also realized the gaping hole in my wardrobe where my business-casual and work appropriate attire should be. What’s a girl to do? Why, find pieces that fit both needs, of course! Cute pieces that can be worn at work, after work and on weekends. This is where the midi skirt comes in! I have been wanting one for awhile, and now that I have a good excuse – its perfect for both work and a breezy summer evening or weekend picnic – I am on the hunt!

Midi Skirt

What I Wore, El Rincon de Moda, Teen Vogue, Lucy Laucht, Fashion Style Advice    

After looking at these pictures, I am pretty certain that my midi skirt is going to need to be pleated and hit right below the knee or mid-calf. I also really like the look with a white dress shirt knotted at the waist.

Here are some of my favorite picks – I think I am going to go with a bright juicy color like honeysuckle or kelly green. Although, the black and white one is pretty amazing too and would be perfection for my new professional executive life.

Midi Skirts

Alice and Olivia, John Zack, Sonia Rykiel, Sonia Rykiel, Ted Baker, Chloe

Have you already embraced the midi trend? How do you wear it?


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Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot Style Icon

Who doesn’t love Brigitte Bardot? The little French actress of the 50’s and 60’s – and bonafide sex kitten – had one of the sultriest come-hither looks of all time, and people have been copying her iconic look ever since. Part of what is so amazing about her look is how relevant it still is – the winged eyeliner, the big luscious bed-head curls – its retro, but still right on trend today.

So, lets talk about how to get the sultry siren’s look…


Use a liquid eyeliner to create a cat-eye on your top lid – this is the signature part of Bardot’s lid. Apply a thin line beginning from the inside of your eye all along your upper lash line. Stay as close to the lash line as possible! At the corner of your eye, bring the eyeliner brush upwards past the edge of the eye. Taper the line at the end and thin it out as it reaches it end point. Repeat it again and again until you get a nice thick line. And don’t forget to line the bottom last line as well – a pencil may work better for this! Next, apply a neutral eyeshadow on your lids. Finish off the look with some feathery false lashes and lots of mascara!


Use a pinkish-nude liner and line closely to the outside edge of your lips to provide a full and pouty appearance. Bardot was known for her pouty looks. A nude or pale pink matte lipstick is the perfect shade to finish up with.


Whip out the hot rollers, ladies! They’re back and they’re the easiest way to get the voluminous look that Bardot sported. Make sure they are big enough to create a nice wave – not ringlets! As you pull each section out, tease it with a back comb or brush. Smooth it over, hairspray it and pin up any sections you like – or leave it down and cascading.

Here’s what you’re going to need…I think I am going to try the look for my next party or event!

Brigitte Bardot  Makeup and Hair

Blow Hairspray, Pop Beauty False Eyelashes, T3 Hot Rollers, Estee Lauder Black Eye Crayon, Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner, Burberry Mist Sheer Lipstick, Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara, Philips Teaze Comb

Have you ever tried out the French actress’ look? Are you going to now?


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