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Three Cheers For: Juniper Books Custom Collections

Juniper Books Custom Collections, Art

I love books. Big time. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a kid, but in the past few years, its become more like a compulsion. You would not believe the stacks of books on my two nightstands – there are about 30 waiting to be read – no joke. And of course, I keep buying more. Spending hours in a bookstore is like therapy and I love finding new books to read.

So, naturally, Juniper Books is like bookshelf porn for me. They are a specialty niche bookseller and designer, making custom book covers for clients. From vintage books to modern ones, clients can even ship books to them to have their covers changed. Leather covers, fabric covers, vellum covers – its all so good. What a beautiful and creative way to build a custom library, don’t you think?

Choose a specific color or color palette and turn your bookshelf into a rainbow, or a beautiful display that coordinates with the other colors in the room.

Rainbow Juniper Books

I love the pink Jane Austen collection – girly and vintage looking, with gold detailing, it would look fabulous in the big cozy library I am going to have in my house someday.

Leather Vintage Juniper Books

The metallic leather collection is so stunning. Imagine combining a few of the different collections together on one bookcase – it would be like a work of art – combining fabric prints with leather covers.

Prints Juniper Books

There are just so many creative ways to turn your books into works of art on your shelves. If you can come up with an idea, they can probably put it on book covers for you. The teal cookbooks are one of my favorites – such a brilliant idea. Wouldn’t these also make a wonderful gift for someone you love?

Custom Juniper Books

What would you pick for a custom book cover? Which options are you most drawn to?


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Kate Moss for American Vogue

Kate Moss for Vogue, Tim Walker Photography All images by Tim Walker Photography for American Vogue

Kate Moss has been one of style icons since she first came on the scene in Calvin Klein ads when I was in middle school. She always does the most amazing campaigns, and I love that she has done so many different looks depending on the fashion campaign she was in. Not to mention her personal style – a little Boho, a little rocker, and always with her own unique twist on it. Girl can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and style, I say!

American Vogue recently did a spread with Kate Moss at the Ritz in Paris before it closes down for renovations for two years. And it is a gorgeous and stylish tribute to the iconic hotel. She was decked out in haute couture, and I think I quite literally swooned when I saw the shots from photographer Tim Walker. They are stunning. The clothes are beyond words, and I love the princess-playing-dress-up vibe. The gowns and fashions are as opulent and decadent as the Ritz itself.

Kate Moss for Vogue, The Ritz, Paris, Tim Walker Photography

The photo of Kate Moss in the pink Coco Chanel dress in a bathroom filled with pink bubbles is my absolute fave! Second only to the shot of her surrounded by Chanel boxes – each shot is so playful and whimsical – I just love the whole editorial!

Kate Moss for Vogue, The Ritz, Paris, Tim Walker Photography

Which shot is your favorite? Which gown would you pick if you could have just one of them from this shoot?


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Three Cheers For: Bakelite Jewelry

Bakelite Bangles, Carolina Herrera Fall 2012 Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 Collection

Bakelite jewelry is back! Bakelite is really just one of the first plastics, invented in 1909. Its had a lot of uses over the years, including as a material for jewelry since its so light weight and affordable. Now the retro look that was so popular in the 1930′s and ’40′s is coming back around. Carolina Herrera made Bakelite bangles part of her spring 2o12 collection. I love that you can find such fun, costume jewelry Bakelite pieces that are vintage, as well as newer pieces that are more modern looking and refined. Mark Davis‘ collection of jewelry is made almost entirely of vintage Bakelite combined with diamonds and gemstones – its something different and I love that!

Bakelite Jewelry Necklace – Mark Davis, Earrings – Mark Davis, Ring – Mark Davis, Cream and Purple Cuff – Julie Collection, White and Blue Cuff – Vintage First Dibs, Ring – Rafaella Mannelli, Orange Bangle – Mark Davis

The Rafaella Mannelli ring with the diamonds on top is my favorite! Which piece would you pick?


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Pretty Things: Chevron Stripe Bath Mat

Chevron Bath Mat, Garnet Hill

Everyone knows of my intense love for chevron stripes – and its definitely not something I am alone in! Just look up chevron stripes on Pinterest. You’ll probably see this bath mat there – that’s where I found it, and I am so excited that I did! Especially since the bedroom makeover that I have been working on has spread to my bathroom and closet now too. Garnet Hill makes this cushy and cute reversible rug and its a totally reasonable price, so now the only question is, what color do I get?

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Fashion Inspiration: Neon Peach

Neon Orange Neon Peach Southern Pi Phi, Chicisimo, Source Unknown

When I was in Vegas last week, I saw a ton of neon peachy orange tops, dresses, swimsuits and accessories. Neon shades are everywhere for spring, but this is my pick. I am OBSESSED with this bright peachy pink-orange color. Kate Spade is obviously on the same wave length as me – half of her latest collection is the same color. Its just perfect for summer – I plan on wearing it all the time – with a good tan. Bright, cheerful – its similar to the Tangerine Tango Pantone color of the year, but a little more wearable, I think. Check out my favorite pieces in this gorgeous, saturated hue – this is how I will be wearing it!

Neon Peach Orange Jeans – Current Elliott, Earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane, Blush – Bobbi Brown, Turban – Eugenia Kim, Belt – J.Crew, Shoes – Kate Spade

What is your favorite neon shade for this coming spring and summer?


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Week in Review: Vegas, Baby!

Chandelier Lounge at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas Chandelier Lounge at the Cosmopolitan – one of my favorite places in Vegas

Happy Friday, lovelies! I am back from Vegas…and let’s be honest, not all that excited about it. I had a wonderful getaway – sunny, warm, carefree – and then I got off the plane last night to rain and cold. Home sweet rainy and cold home! I love my hometown, don’t get me wrong, but the sunshine and heat and utter lack of responsibility in Vegas, well, it was nice!

It was my first time in Vegas, and I had a blast. From the second I got into the cab at the airport, I knew I was in an alternate universe. Tucked into the seat in front of me was a used champagne glass with a lipstick mark on it. It was on. The boyfriend greeted me at Planet Hollywood and immediately escorted me to Fat Tuesdays where I got a nice, tall, frosty glass of blended Bellini. We spent the rest of the afternoon sunning ourselves at the pool and walking up and down the Strip with my sister and her hubby. I suckered everyone into trying the “shots of oxygen” at the Oxygen bar in the Venetian, and then we headed to Tao for dinner and more drinks!

Las Vegas

Day two started at the pool – where else?! Being a Seattle girl, I was in heaven and refused to move for the rest of the afternoon. I was going to get all the sun I could possibly soak up in 4 days. After dinner at The Sugar Factory, we walked through the Crytsals shopping center where I drooled over stores like Tom Ford, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and more. Its hands down, the most amazing “mall” I have ever been to. After another trip to Fat Tuesdays, we watched the fountain show at the Bellagio, checked out the Atrium with its stunning gardens, and then cabbed down the Strip to the Wynn for something a little fancier. At the Wynn casino, I played my first slot machine – Audrey Hepburn themed, naturally.

Las Vegas Pool, The Paris Hotel

Note to self, next time I am in Vegas, I simply must stay in either the Wynn, Encore or Cosmopolitan hotel – they were completely breathtaking. Day three was spent poolside, yet again! Since it was our last night in Vegas, we decided on a fancy dinner at the Encore. Originally, we wanted to try the SW Steakhouse at the Wynn, but there was no getting in, so we settled on Sinatra at the Encore. I couldn’t have been happier. This Frank Sinatra themed restaurant was amazing. They played Frank songs the entire time, and we sat outside on the patio by a fireplace and had the best food of the entire trip.

On the way home, I just “happened” to run into a Chanel boutique and simply had to try on a few things. A pair of earrings simply couldn’t be parted with, and so they came home with me!

Las Vegas Pool, The Paris Hotel

Our last day in Vegas, we had to head to the airport in the late afternoon, so we spent the day lounging by the pool at The Cosmopolitan. We had been looking at it from our hotel room window for the first few days, but didn’t actually go check it out until the last day. Big mistake! It was the best pool of my life.

The main pool itself was just about ankle deep so you could wade in it out to the middle of the pool. It dropped off deeper in other areas, but this was my favorite feature. There were a few other small pools and a giant hot tub, and then, one of the coolest things about their pool area – a little covered area with TV’s and couches for relaxing, as well as pool tables. Last but not least, the totally brilliant chaise lounges that are situated IN the hedge surrounding the pool, with a view down to the Strip below. Ahhhhh-mayzing.

Las Vegas Pool, The Cosmopolitan

Needless to say, I was not quite ready to come home and dive back into reality, but I have a feeling Vegas will see me again soon…and the rest of the trip details will reamin, as they say, in Vegas.


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Have a Lovely Weekend

las vegas

TGIF, lovelies! It’s finally time to get out of town for a little sunshine and a whole lot of fun! I am heading to Las Vegas this weekend to play, so I will be back next week with all the details of my getaway. I am a Vegas virgin, so this should be interesting, to say the least! Wish me luck and I will see you all next week.


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Designer Spotlight: Amanda Pearl

Amanda Pearl Clutches

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Today, I would love to introduce you to Miss Amanda Pearl and her gorgeous accessories collection. I have fallen hard for her designs ever since I started following her on Twitter and Tumblr. Her clutches are always being carried by starlets on the red carpet, but I love them for the rich colors and stylish designs. I mean, look at that rainbow of color!

The collection, launched back in 2008, is inspired by antique jewelry, modern art, vintage travel posters and the fashion and culture of the Fifties and Sixties. Perfection!

Amanda Pearl Clutches

The designs are elegant but refreshingly different from every other clutch out there, yet they remain classic and chic. I could honestly see Audrey Hepburn carrying one of these little beauties around. Coincidentally, the black Hepburn clutch with crystals is one of my favorites!

But wait, there’s more! In 2009, the Amanda Pearl Jewels collection was launched and its full of vintage chandelier crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls and other glamorous and elegant looks.

Amanda Pearl Jewelry I just think its such a chic line overall, its no wonder celebrities flock to wearing it on the red carpet.




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Fashion Inspiration: Buns, Buns, Buns!

Hair, Bun, Topknot Little Ynna

The bun is in for spring 2012 and I could not be more delighted. It such an easy look with so many different styling options – wear it messy, wear it sleek and smooth, wear it low, wear it high – however your little heart desires. Not to mention its the perfect look for those bad or dirty hair days when you just don’t have the time or the energy to do anything else. But its always stylish and cute – even when its just a throw it up and go. The ideal hair style if you ask me…

The sleek, smooth and neat top knot is a great sophisticated option for a night out or a more dressed up look. A pair of bold earrings or a necklace can be a great compliment to this look as well!

Neat Sleek Smooth Bun Beauty Editor, Refinery 29, Pretty Obsessed, In Style  

For regular days, the messy bun is my personal favorite. A little sexy and a little bohemian, it gives off an air of confidence and attitude. To do it on yourself, select a part and gather your hair into a low, mid or high ponytail, then fasten it with an elastic. For some texture and the perfect messy look, spritz the length with a salt spray – it will also add some grip and make it easier to style. Coil it around the elastic, secure with bobby pins and you’re done.

My secret to creating a no fuss bun? The Spin Pin from Goody. Its only a couple of dollars at the drugstore and it makes creating a bun easy breezy. Wrap your hair into a bun and then simply twist the pins into the bun like a screw. No elastic or anything else needed – and it totally stays in place. Its my new favorite beauty accessory.

Messy Bun Pretty Stuff, Sidewalk Ready, Style   

Messy or clean and sleek, I also love the idea of adding accessories to your up-do. Pin a little flower or pom at the side, or stick hair pins with embellishments into the bun itself. For a fancier look or event, try a sparkly crystal brooch or clip, pinned to the side of the bun.

Hair Accessories for Buns Poms –, Spin Pins – Goody, Pearl Hair Pins – Tasha, Bows – L. Erickson, Brooch –, Crystal Hair Picks – Tasha

Last but not least, the braid-bun. Its the newest “It-Hairstyle”, if you will. Braids have been in for awhile now, and buns have been in, so it was only a matter of time before they joined forces. This look is a bit complicated for my own styling talents, but would be a fun look to try for a special event.

Braid Bun  

What kind of a bun do you prefer?


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Pretty Things: Ticket Kitchen Hot Chocolate

Ticket Kitchen Fancy Hot Chocolate Gourmet All images via Ticket Kitchen

As I have mentioned before, I am a complete and total sucker for good packaging. If the packaging is cute enough, charming enough, pretty enough, I will most likely buy it – whether I know whats inside it or not. So, when I ran across this sweet hot chocolate idea from Ticket Kitchen, I was a goner. The packaging is totally adorable, plus its chocolate. Need I say more?

Ticket Kitchen Fancy Hot Chocolate Gourmet

SinceI love this product and their approach, I will say more. Every one of their chocolates is hand-crafted in San Francisco and made with only the finest ingredients. As they say, they want their chocolate to create a moment to remember and believe its “the perfect chocolate for late-night conversations with old friends, overdue romantic moments, and quiet mornings all to yourself.” How lovely!

They have six flavors – French Dark Truffle, Belgian Milk, Salted Caramel, 3-Chili, Vanilla Mint and Venezuelan Bittersweet. Simply swirl the block of chocolate in a mug of steaming milk and you’ll have the most amazingly rich and decadent hot chocolate you’ve ever dreamed of. I am a vanilla mint kind of girl, but I think my favorite product of theirs would have to be the Personalized Hot Chocolate Silverplate Spoon. As you swirl and the chocolate melts, it reveals a personal message on your spoon. To. Die. For.

Ticket Kitchen Fancy Hot Chocolate Gourmet

Completely and utterly charmed.

Which flavor do you want to try?

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