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Leave it Untucked

Atlantic Pacific

Okay, so this is nothing new or novel, but I am really loving the half tucked-in, half untucked look I’ve been seeing styled this fall. I am not sure why this hasn’t occurred to me recently as a great way to style a button down (or any other shirt for that matter) — especially since I was all about leaving the back of my shirt untucked for all of 7th and 8th grade. I used to rock the grunge flannel and tshirts only tucked in in the front, every day of the week. When I saw it popping up again recently, it was kind of a “DUH” moment. Like, how could I have forgotten!?

So, this fall I am returning to my roots. Button down shirts that are untucked in the back and tucked in in the front. It’s a stylish way to make what can be such a conservative, buttoned-up or reserved look, appear just a little bit more styled and laid back. I say, just a dash of dishevelment is good. Keeps it casual and draws more attention to the waist instead of billowing, which I think slims the figure.

Hanneli|Champagne Culture|Classy in the City|Bianca Brandolini|Daily Crushes

 Since I am absolutely obsessed with Equipment shirts, those are the first blouses I am going for in my closet. They have the perfect drape to them and come in a million colors and prints. Plus, the silk and chiffon material is sophisticated and looks great with a little slouch from tucking in the front. Seriously, they are  simply the best blouses out there. I can’t get enough of them.

Equipment Blouses


Do you do it half-tucked?


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Fashion Inspiration: A Full Skirt

Full Skirt


I am so into the shape and flounce of a full skirt for fall. Whether its short, knee length or mid-calf length, it’s so fresh and feminine and fun. It’s nice to see so many full skirts out there this fall instead of just the usual pencil skirts and A-line skirts. I also love the retro feel – keeps things feminine and ladylike, which means it’s also perfect for work.

Full Skirt

Sidewalk Ready|Wendy’s Lookbook|Vanessa Jackman|Fellt|Wendy’s Lookbook|Olivia Palermo

The only danger? I might not get anything done and instead spend the entire day spinning around and twirling in my new flouncy, flirty, full skirt. Here are some of my favorites right now…

Full Skirts

 Is it going to be a pencil skirt or a full skirt for you this fall?


Alexander McQueen|Kenzo|Roksanda Ilincic 

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Color Chalking for Your Hair

Color Chalking Service for Hair

As readers of this blog will know, I am a huge fan of Swink Style Bar –  a styling and blow-dry bar in Seattle. Whenever I need a perfect blowout or cute hair style for a party or event, off I head to Swink. Last Friday Swink was kind enough to treat me to their latest service—color chalking, using Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug. This instant wash out hair color is one of the hottest hair trends out there right now. Just ask Lauren Conrad—she did pink on her hair.

The color bugs are a chalky material that hair can be pulled through to distribute the color. You can use it on random chunks of hair (which I did) or all over for a more ombre look, as well. From the three color, pink, purple and orange, I went with pink and purple. It was such a fun look to try out—great for a party or night out. I loved the wild, rocker-edge it gave my hair. Just make sure to style hair first—applying heat to the color can cause it to bond to your hair a little more permanently. Better yet, just let a professional at Swink handle it. They do such a lovely job. Right now, you can add color chalking onto any dry style for just $15. Here’s how mine turned out…

Just a fun pop of color to change things up for a night out!


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Delicate and Dainty Jewelry

Delicate and Dainty Jewelry

This Time Tomorrow|Marlow 35|Breakfast at Yurmans|Unknown

I love a good statement necklace or chunky cocktail ring as much as the next girl, but recently I have been super into really delicate, dainty and understated gold jewelry. Really small, simple pieces that are demure and feel almost somewhat fragile. Something about it makes me feel especially girly and refined—even dainty myself, which is no small feat. I am not dainty—more like clumsy as an ox, most days. Oh well, at least I can look (and feel) the part, right? I am especially loving layering gold necklaces and bracelets like this.

Delicate and Dainty Gold Jewelry

If you had to pick just one kind of jewelry to wear for the rest of your life, would it be delicate and understated or statement-making and bold?


Alexa Leigh|Finn|Maya Brenner|BaubleBar|Maya Brenner|BaubleBar

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Fashion Inspiration: Beautiful Burgundy

Burgundy, Bordeaux, Oxblood

She Exists|Candice Lake|9 to 5 Chic|All the Pretty Birds  

If fall has an “It” color, it is definitely burgundy. Or bordeaux. But not oxblood. I refuse to call this deep, rich reddish-purple hue, oxblood. Mainly because it’s gross and sounds creepy. So, bordeaux or burgundy. It’s everywhere—shoes, hats, lips, coats, pants—you simply must have at least one thing in your closet this season that is burgundy. I already have the Essie nail polish in the perfect shade of burgundy and have been wearing it for a couple weeks now, but I am thinking perhaps a shoe or a pair of corduroy pants in this rich, wintery color as well.

Burgundy, Bordeaux, Oxblood

Do you plan on wearing shades of burgundy this fall?


Miu Miu|3.1 Philip Lim|Helmut Lang|Le Metier De Beaute|Diptyque|Nars|Essie

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Kate Spade for Paperless Post

Kate Spade for Paperless Post

Have you guys heard that Kate Spade has her own online collection of cards and notes for Paperless Post? I adore Kate Spade—her designs are always so fresh and colorful and fun. I think that is one of the things that makes her so successful—her sense of playfulness, wit and whimsy. There are over 75 designs and they all have her signature bright colors, stripes, polka dots, gold, glitter and witty quips. I love that there is this online version of her stationary now. You can bet my friends will be getting them!


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Pug Love

PugLuna Lu

As some of you may know, I have a snorting snuffling sneezing little pug sidekick named Luna that makes my days so much brighter and more entertaining since she came along. She’s a rascal, for sure, but she’s also the best snuggler ever and always makes me laugh with her antics. If you have pugs, you know what strong, goofy—but totally endearing—personalities they have. After I got Luna five years ago, suddenly people started giving me “pug-themed” gifts. I swear, this is a thing. People that have pugs, oftentimes, are big pug people. I am a huge dog person in general, so I always found it amusing that now that I had a pug, I must all of a sudden want pug themed gifts. I fought it for a long time, but I will admit it, I have run across some pretty cute pug themed gifts recently…

Maybe I will become one of those crazy pug people after all. Like a crazy cat lady but with 15 pugs instead.


Gucci|C Wonder|C Wonder|Bobby Berk Home|Z Gallerie|Etsy

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My Favorite Drugstore Finds

Great, Favorite Drugstore Brands

I am a little bit of a product junkie—I love to find and try new beauty products and I may or may not hoard them in the cabinets in my bathroom. This is why services like Birchbox are so perfect for me. I get samples of beauty products once a month and the hoarding can be contained easier since everything is sample size. It also satisfies my need to try the latest and greatest.

Now, I love my fancy products (see YSL Touche Eclat) as much as the next girly girl, but I also have a lineup of great go-to products from the drugstore that I love as well. They are just as great as the more expensive versions, but allow me to leave a little cushion in my bank account for those months when I choose to spend my rent money on a pair of boots or heels instead.

1. Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies in Very Black – This gives me long, lustrous lashes and it doesn’t flake off during the day. Plus, it grabs every lash and leaves me clump free. I am a huge fan of mascaras like DiorShow and YSL Faux Cils, and this one is just as amazing!

2. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Lotion in Deep Natural – I can’t help it or deny it, I just feel better with a little sun-kissed glow. This has yet to turn me orange, and I like that. Just don’t apply it after an evening of one too many adult beverages, it may come out wonky and a bit patchy the next day. Just trust me on this one.

3. Johnson’s Baby Powder – I will use this as a substitute for hair powder whenever I am on the go and don’t have time to wash my hair. It gives it texture to style and soaks up the oil at your roots.

4. Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Face Wipes – These are fantastic for getting eye makeup off quick and easy with just one swipe, and the cloth is so soft, its gentle on the eye area.

5. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo – This does a great job of keeping my highlights bright and non-brassy in between foils.

6. Beauty Fixation Pre-Filled Portable Swabs, Nail Polish Touchup – Because I always get some nail polish on my skin and around my cuticles. Especially when I have to paint my right hand. These make cleaning up around the edges fast and easy. Especially great when you are using a dark or red nail polish.

7. Cutex Twist and Scrub Sponge –  The easiest and cleanest way I’ve found yet to take my nail polish off. This is crucial when you change your polish color multiple times a week like I tend to do. Just stick your finger in the sponge inside the tub, swirl it around, and off it comes!

8. Goody Spin Pins – These help me make perfect top knots. Just twist the pins into your bun and it stays put and there are no pins or rubber bands to see. You don’t even need the rubber bands, actually. Not to mention, they are easy on your hair.

Do you have any favorite drugstore beauty finds?


All images courtesy of

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Boots for Fall

Boots for Fall

I get so excited for boots when the fall arrives. Booties in particular are one of my favorite fall dress up shoes. They look so cute with skirts, tights and dresses when its cold out. These are three of my favorite booties for the season—a sexy little red pair for a little black dress, a chunky casual pair for pairing with a little floral skirt and sweater tights, and an ultra-high burgundy pair that would look killer with a black pencil skirt or skinny black cigarette leg pants.

Which pair is your favorite?


Casadei|See by Chloe|Yves Saint Laurent

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A. Barclay Scarves

A. barclay Scarves

I love scarves. I think they just may be my favorite accessory. They can change an outfit, make an outfit, even be the outfit. I just came across these scarves from A. Barclay today and I am head over heels. True, it’s rare that I find a scarf I don’t like, but these ones are so bright and beautiful, and big! I love an oversized scarf—it gives you so many more options on how to wear it.

Not to mention, for every scarf that is purchased, they buy an item of need from a Tanzanian for a Tanzanian, supplying multiple orphanages in the country with day to day necessities and stimulating local markets.  Depending on what the orphanages need, the items they donate vary from season to season. Love it when I can give back and get something stylish and pretty at the same time.

A Barclay Scarf

Aren’t they gorgeous? I pick the elephant one–which one is your favorite?


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