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The 2014 Met Ball and Costume Institute Gala


All photos via The New York Times

My favorite red carpet event of the entire year isn’t the Oscars or the Golden Globes. It’s the Costume Insitute’s Met Ball. The fashion caliber here is unbeatable. The designers are there, the models are there, the actors and stars are there – and everyone always seems to take more of a risk than on the usual red carpet. Not to mention, each Met Ball has it’s own theme and some attendees get very into the theme, making for some prime fashion viewing. This year definitely did NOT disappoint. It was hard to pick a favorite—and there were plenty I didn’t care for (I am looking at you, Maggie Gyllenhaal – I don’t care if it was Valentino)—but I think Reese Witherspoon’s Stella McCartney gown was the one that gave me the most fashion envy and truth be told, total goosebumps. The color is bold and that neckline is unbelievable.

I was also a huge fan of the big ball gowns that seemed to be so popular this year. Massive sweeping skirts reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood glamour. Karen Elson in the blush pink gown reminded me of an Old Hollywood movie star like Rita Hayworth or Katherine Hepburn. I marveled at the architectural sculpting of Karolina Kurkova’s navy gown, and surprised myself by really loving Hayden Panettiere’s full skirted ball gown. It could easily have gone either way and I am sure it is one of those love it or hate it gowns, but I think the print is gorge.


Aside from Reese, my top three picks went to Blake Lively (duh, I’ve had a massive girl crush on her since the pilot of Gossip Girl…or maybe it was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but I’m not ready to own up to how many times I’ve seen that particular movie), Emma Stone and Taylor Swift. Emma Stone’s dress was so fresh and different from all the others, and the colors looked so stunning on her. Taylor’s style I am usually so bored with – the same bejeweled frocks time after time, but this pale pink embroidered column with the train was just lovely. Again, it was old Hollywood glamour all the way – same with Blake’s deep golden mauve beaded dress. A throwback silhouette with modern updates. Honestly, that girl would look good in a sheet.


Who were your favorite picks at the Met Ball this year? Tell me what I missed!


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Stylish Couples – Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger

I ran across a few pictures of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson on Pinterest the other day, and they looked so insanely stylish together, I went looking for more – just to see if they were always this insanely fashionable together. They are! Joining the ranks of Posh and Becks, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Tom and Gisele, and Brangelina, they are an utterly adorable under-the-radar couple. I mean, come on you guys – its Pacey!! I knew what a catch this one was back in the Dawson Creek days.

Check them out on the red carpet – always perfectly coordinated and complementary. She takes risks with her fashion and I love that about her. She owns it, which allows her to pull of looks that would look otherwise over the top. And I love his suits – tailored to perfection. He even manages to make them look good with sneakers. How adorable does he look in a bow-tie??

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Red Carpet

Even when they are laid-back and casual, they look like they consulted each other on their outfits before leaving the house. And not in a “we’re wearing matching t-shirts” kind of way, but in a we’re -just-that-in-sync and we-have-incredible-fashion-sense kind of way. How they manage to be that cute together and not in a sickening way, is beyond me. I just have one question…what is with the picnic basket for a purse, Diane?

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Casual Style

I’m feeling inspired to start working on the boyfriend’s outfits and mine too, of course.

What do you think about Josh and Diane’s style?


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Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot Style Icon

Who doesn’t love Brigitte Bardot? The little French actress of the 50’s and 60’s – and bonafide sex kitten – had one of the sultriest come-hither looks of all time, and people have been copying her iconic look ever since. Part of what is so amazing about her look is how relevant it still is – the winged eyeliner, the big luscious bed-head curls – its retro, but still right on trend today.

So, lets talk about how to get the sultry siren’s look…


Use a liquid eyeliner to create a cat-eye on your top lid – this is the signature part of Bardot’s lid. Apply a thin line beginning from the inside of your eye all along your upper lash line. Stay as close to the lash line as possible! At the corner of your eye, bring the eyeliner brush upwards past the edge of the eye. Taper the line at the end and thin it out as it reaches it end point. Repeat it again and again until you get a nice thick line. And don’t forget to line the bottom last line as well – a pencil may work better for this! Next, apply a neutral eyeshadow on your lids. Finish off the look with some feathery false lashes and lots of mascara!


Use a pinkish-nude liner and line closely to the outside edge of your lips to provide a full and pouty appearance. Bardot was known for her pouty looks. A nude or pale pink matte lipstick is the perfect shade to finish up with.


Whip out the hot rollers, ladies! They’re back and they’re the easiest way to get the voluminous look that Bardot sported. Make sure they are big enough to create a nice wave – not ringlets! As you pull each section out, tease it with a back comb or brush. Smooth it over, hairspray it and pin up any sections you like – or leave it down and cascading.

Here’s what you’re going to need…I think I am going to try the look for my next party or event!

Brigitte Bardot  Makeup and Hair

Blow Hairspray, Pop Beauty False Eyelashes, T3 Hot Rollers, Estee Lauder Black Eye Crayon, Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner, Burberry Mist Sheer Lipstick, Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara, Philips Teaze Comb

Have you ever tried out the French actress’ look? Are you going to now?


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Style Icon: Dallas Shaw

I can’t remember quite when I fell in love with Dallas Shaw and her whimsical fashion drawings, but it’s been awhile now. Dallas Shaw is a fashionista in her own right, with her own amazing sense of style that she infuses into her artwork.

She works in several different mediums, but my favorites are her fashion illustrations. She’s even collaborated with the likes of DKNYKate SpadeShopBop and more – doing fashion sketches, custom designs and even helping develop products.

Personally, I would like to hang her sketches in my very own walk-in closet and dressing room someday. Wouldn’t that be the perfect place to display her chic sketches?

Sketches by Dallas Shaw


I especially love this series of sketches she did for some of the major fashion and style bloggers out there in the blogosphere during the holidays a few seasons ago. It would be a dream come true to have her sketch me in one of these collections someday!

Do you have any favorite fashion illustrators I should know about?
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Style Icon: Bianca Brandolini

Image courtesy of Vogue

Any girl that can wear a full length, long sleeve leopard print gown – with feathers, no less – and still look classy, is automatically going to become one of my style icons. It takes some serious daring and fashion chops to pull off a dress like this one from Giambattista Valli. Lovelies, meet Bianca Brandolini – my latest style icon.

Bianca Brandolini is the portrait of European nobility and high society with lineage from a few noble Italian families and even a French prince. Her style, however, isn’t usually what one would expect to see on a sophisticated young lady of high society – and that’s precisely why I like it. Don’t get me wrong – I adore the ladylike look of ladies like the new Duchess of Cambridge, but its also refreshing to see Bianca’s rocker-chic edgy style in a world usually so dominated by conservative, ladylike outfits. Her outfits almost always tow the line between bohemian and edgy rocker chic and I love that she can often be spotted in flats and gladiator-style sandals.

The Fashion Spot, Elements of Style, Fashion Drip, Source Unknown, Source Unknown

First, we have to talk about her always perfectly tousled beachy bohemian waves – how she manages to make that hairstyle look right with almost any outfit, is a wonder to me. I adore the sparkly short and suit combo she is rocking on the red carpet, above – even the shoes – and normally, I am not a fan of brogues on women. The fur vests are pretty amazing as well – I saw a ton of them at Fashion’s Night Out last week, and between Bianca and the new fall lines, I am pretty sure I need to work one into my own wardrobe.

Caroline’s Mode, Coco Kelley, Source Unknown, Elements of Style, Elements of Style  

There is the leopard print making an appearance again – although in this case, I am super impressed at the combination of the two prints she matched together. Somehow, it just seems to work! There’s a lot of black and white in her wardrobe, but the way she wears it – as a sheer lace maxi or a white blouse open over a black bra, its always the right amount of daring.

My goal for fall – to add a little of Bianca’s wild-child style into my closet.
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Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

One of my style icons is Olivia Palermo. Honestly, when she was on The City, I couldn’t stand her – she made me crazy annoyed – all the time. But there is no denying, the girl has great style. I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen her in something that hasn’t made me swoon in total and utter fashion envy. Her style is so perfectly New York chic – lots of black, lots of well-tailored pieces, amazing bags and she even manages to combine pieces you would never think of together to make totally unique but wearable outfits. Not to mention, her hair. I would die for that hair.

I love the look on the right – all black and trendy, but with just a pop of white. I also love the tights under the shorts combination. Not sure I could pull it off, but its fierce! The look on the right is so ladylike and sophisticated and the belt is such the perfect finishing touch.

In the image on the left, I love that she is once again rocking the tights under shorts look. And that sweater – AHHHMAZING. The second outfit is so simple and really not anything fancy, but it looks great for a weekend walking around Soho shopping – and I love how her bags are always so structured. Finally, what is more chic than a white button down dress shirt? Combined with a big statement necklace and a pair of Wayfarers, you’ve got fashionable down, cold.

These three outfits, to me, are the perfect embodiment of casual, comfortable and chic. A blazer with skinny jeans is a great option for so many things – a date, a tweet-up, a meeting with clients, love it.

I love the idea of wearing shorts in a dressy way for an event. Paired with the booties, its a stylish way to do “going out” clothes in a different way, for a chance. And the green dress? Well, I just have a massive crush on that shade of green.

Again, lots of black, but it’s definitely not boring! The short sleeve coat with a long sleeve shirt worn underneath it is a great idea and way to play with proportions – plus, Chanel flats? Win. Now if only I could pull of leather leggings…

There are plenty of pictures out there in the blogosphere of Olivia and her boyfriend, and although I am pretty sure they don’t purposely coordinate their outfits, they also look in sync and their styles seem to complement each other. Love the ruffled jacket!

The look on the left is one of my all-time favorites. A vest, belted over a dress – I never would have thought to put those together, but it looks awesome. On the right, I love her skinny suit- she manages to make it look so feminine when it could look too masculine. Perfect tailoring and super high heels make it work.

Can’t say I’m a fan of the girl on TV, but I am definitely a huge fan or her style and fashion choices.

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Style Icon: Blake Lively

Ok, so it must be said: I happen to have an enormous girl crush on Blake Lively. And if we are honest, it has a lot to do with her personal style. I love pretty much everything the girl wears – and its all so perfectly styled and put together. Whether she’s wearing it as Serena Van Der Woodsen (yes, second confession of the post – I also love Gossip Girl. The fashion on that show is unreal) or Blake Lively, it all makes my mouth water.
The hair, the shoes, the bags…is it obvious I love this girl’s style?

Living in New York, Blake has plenty of enviable cold-weather outfits and swoon-worthy coats and boots. Some of her outfits are so simple but you know she is a style icon because she can make them seem like so much more –  a la Kate Moss.
I have been dreaming of a leather jacket for some time now…paired with a Burberry scarf, its like preppy rock-star chic.
Ok, the girl can even pull off a giant mushroom beanie? Impressive, I say.
Simple and chic.
Blake at the Met Costume Ball last year. Not easy to pull off a dress like this, but she does it. And with legs for days! Good grief.
Ok, so this one is actually on the set of Gossip Girl, but this dress completely captured me. Its sexy and body conscious, but still romantic and elegant. Love, love loves! Oh Blake, your style makes me yearn for a bigger closet and bank account…;)
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