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Palm Springs Style


One of my dear friends took a trip to Palm Springs a couple weeks ago, and I must say, I wish I could have gone with her. I am ready for some sun and heat and Seattle is just not quite there yet. Maybe in a few months. I am just feeling so inspired by the Palm Springs style right now – bright colors, wedges, palm trees, fresh manicures and pedicures that actually get seen…it all sounds so delightful. Here’s hoping I can visit soon! Until then, I’ll keep painting my nails bright colors and waiting for the sun to come out long enough that I can slip into my Chanel sandals.


Shoes|Swimsuit|Necklace|Dress|Nail Polish|Clutch

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Slip On Sneakers


I am totally obsessed with the new spring trend of slip on sneakers. As much as I love fashion and style, I love to be comfortable just as much. When the two worlds collide, I’m a happy camper. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this idea sooner, really. My fiance is the world’s BIGGEST Van’s fan. Literally, he doesn’t own any shoes that aren’t Vans—except flip flops and one pair of dress shoes. Vans are like the original slip on sneaker — I should have taken a cue from his closet earlier and stolen the look. The fact that I am now interested in having a few pairs of slip on Vans sneakers, is probably his proudest moment.

They are such perfect weekend casual shoes. I pair my leopard print ones with skinny distressed jeans or cropped black skinny jeans usually. Last week for a party, I paired them with a blush silk button down from Everlane, and my torn up J Brand skinnies and a statement necklace – if I do say so myself, it was a perfect dressed-up and dressed-down look.

slip-on-sneakers-1 Madison Muse|Not Your Standard|La Cool & Chic|Stella Wants to Die|Unknown

Check out a few of my favorite pairs — I think I may need to add the gold Vans to my closet soon. Or maybe the dark denim ones. Or maybe ALL OF THEM.

slip-on-sneakers-2 Polka Dots|Gold|Camo|Leopard|Chambray Polka Dots|Denim


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My New Emily Ley Simplified Planner

emily-ley-2014-planner All images via Emily Ley

Happy New Year, lovelies! I am so excited for 2014 – I’m getting married to the man of my dreams this year, and I cannot wait. With every new year, I get to shop for one of my favorite things – a new planner. Yes, I know I could keep all my meetings, dates and other important info on my iPhone, but I am old-school. I like a paper calendar that I can flip the pages in and write in with a real pen – somehow, having something tangible that I can hold, feels more organized to me. We’re a dying breed those of us that love the paper calendars. This year, I found my new favorite yearly planner OF ALL TIME. Before this Emily Ley planner came along, I was a Moleskine calendar devotee, but Emily Ley just blew all of that out of the water with her colorful, cheerful, oh-so-pretty, beautifully organized calendar.

It’s big, and spiral bound, and there is room for To-Do Lists and notes, a pocket in the front for stray papers, verses and inspirational quotes on most pages, even a spot for meal planning – something I am determined to get better about this year. And there are tabs – non flimsy, bright ones that make flipping to future months super easy. Truth be told, I also ordered her wedding planner. I couldn’t help myself – her planners are just too pretty.

I am in love with just everything about them. You should get one if you’re one of those non-digital calendar keepers, too.


So, how many of you keep written paper calendars these days?


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Midi Rings


Have you guys noticed the recent midi ring trend? I’ve been seeing it everywhere recently and it’s such a pretty way to dress up your digits beyond nail art and cocktail rings. I love dainty jewelry, so it’s high on my list of trends to try. Except that I am one, afraid it won’t stay on—don’t they look like they could just slide right off?—and two, I think my fingers may not be long, graceful, and elegant enough. They tend more toward the sausage side of things. Regardless, I am going to slip one on to see how it looks next time I run across one.

midi-rings Gorjana Griffin|Gorjana Griffin|BaubleBar

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Introducing: Umba


When I attended Alt Summit last winter, I was introduced to this fun, creative line called Umba Box that did a monthly subscription service for handmade goods. Recently though, they’ve rebranded their company a little and are now going by the name Umba, with a focus on empowering artists through social selling. Their fall look book and collection are gorgeous. When I saw the the photos above, it got me in the mood for crunchy leaves, hot cider, cozy blankets, rain boots and fires in the fireplace. And then I went to check out the new products on their site and fell in love.

Each product is so thoughtfully and well designed. These are just a few of my favorite finds—wouldn’t the the ampersand bracelet make a cute bridesmaid gift? And the confetti poppers? We used them at our engagement shoot and now I am all about it. They would be so fun for parties.


Anyhow, their community of artists is exceptional and there is tons of cute stuff. Go check it out!



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Lulu Frost Spring Summer 2014

Lulu-frost-spring-summer-2014 All images via Lulu Frost

One day I plan on going to New York Fashion Week, but in the meantime, I follow along closely via Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, websites—whatever means necessary to see the collections as they are happening from across the country. One of  my favorites this year was the Lulu Frost Neon Baroque collection. The photos from the presentation are stunning—mixing the old and the new, kind of like Marie Antoinette and Sophia Coppola. There was tulle, stacks of bracelets, beautiful bouquets of flowers, and models with exquisite hair – it was like princess fairytale with a punky twist.


Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at this showing! I mean, the jewels alone give me heart palpitations. I’ve always been a huge fan of Lulu Frost‘s pieces, but I am particularly drawn to these glamorous, vintage-y looking pieces with such bright, playful, youthful, pops of neon color. Now, if only we didn’t have to wait for February for the collection to hit stores!

Which piece is your favorite?


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Santorini Style


It’s happening again. I’m getting that restless feeling. Wanderlust. Well, I guess that isn’t an entirely true statement. Really, the wanderlust never goes away. I am forever daydreaming of all the places I want to see and travel to. I would only travel all the time for the rest of my life if I could. Sounds cheesy, but I just want to see the world.

On my mind recently? Santorini in Greece. I came across a shot of Santorini while browsing through Pinterest this week and it just captivated me. Pictures of Santorini always have. Its so blue and so white. The contrast of the bright white against all those shades of blue is so striking. There is the deep blue of the water, the bright blue of the building tops, the cyan blue of the sky—its just heavenly. Such a simple color palette—blue and white—and yet, I am inexplicably drawn to it every single time I see it. In life, and in fashion.

Santorini, I will see you soon. I hope.


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Cuyana Accessories


Last week I went to an event hosted by the adorable Cassandra LaValle from Coco + Kelley, and the hilarious Uncle Beefy from The Bedlam of Beefy, for the accessories company, Cuyana. It was new to me, but they’ve been around awhile. Which begs the question, where have I been? Because their products? ARE. AMAZING.

The ladies behind the brand, Karla and Shilpa, created an online site that allows the rest of the world to discover the hidden treasures from other countries.They travel the world looking for the highest-quality materials in each country, and then, working with local craftsmen, they transform the textiles and metals into gorgeous, limited-edition accessories. For example: they went to Argentina and came back with incredibly soft and supple leather tote bags (they were so dreamy I bought one for myself at the event) and travel cases. Peru meant lush Alpaca wool scarves, and Ecuador meant woven Panama hats. Their latest trip to Turkey issued in amazing Turkish robes of cotton and bamboo that I simply must have. Basically, I love what they do and the awesome products that come at such affordable prices. Is that coming across?


Check them out, it’s a great find. Special thanks to Cassandra and Uncle Beefy for the invite! You hosted such a lovely and fun event!



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Holiday Cards from Minted


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to kick my favorite season into high-gear! I love the holiday season—the snow, the hustle and bustle, choosing special gifts for those near and dear to my heart, Christmas cookies, parties, mistletoe, caroling, hot cider, family and friends…it’s such a special time of year. It’s also the time of year for holiday cards—I am making an effort to get a head start on these this year, since I always procrastinate. It’s so hard when there are so many adorable options to choose from.

One of the best sources, I think, for stylish and unique holiday cards is They have the best options! You can change the shape of the card, the color scheme, use your own photos, and there are font and design choices galore.

There are cute couple cards for the newlyweds or the married-without-kids-yet…(I love the jumping one!)


And ones announcing the birth of a precious new bundle of joy…(Trading Silent Nights for a Bundle of Joy cracks me up!)


And fun, playful picks for family cards…the bottom pick with the map and family photo is so clever…


But my favorites are these family holiday cards that give a year-in-review with fun infographics. Super creative, totally cute, not something you see all the time, and it lets people see the highlights of your year at a glance.


How do people ever pick just one design to send out for holiday cards from Minted? I love them all!

Have you sent your cards yet?


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Hopscotch Design from Chloe Fleury

Hopscotch Design by Chloe Fleury Hopscotch Designs for Blog Inc., by Oh Joy!

You. Guys. I don’t know how it is that I am just finding out about Hopscotch Design and Chloe Fleury, but she and her artwork are amazing. She’s an illustrator but she works with paper and transforms these flat one-dimensional sheets of paper into 3D masterpieces that I am just crazy for. A lot of the designs she eventually brings to life with stop motion animation. Can you believe she makes these works of art from paper? I am in awe of her talent. And, let’s be honest. I would love to step into the little worlds she creates in her pieces—they are utterly enchanting. Tiny bags that look like the ones from Chanel or Proenza Schouler, colorful vespas, Miu Miu booties, Moleskin notebooks and iMacs.

Hopscotch Design by Chloe Fleury

She sells prints of some of her work on her site, but I hope one day I can see one of her works in person. Or better yet, watch her create one. Add it to the bucket list folks. I think it would be such a cool process to witness. I mean, constructing these little worlds out of paper? No easy task, my friend.

Are you as charmed as I am by these stylish, fashionable and unique works of art?


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