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How to Style a Bookshelf


Via Chloe Rose Boutique

Have you guys heard about the new “shelfie” trend? Essentially, it involves taking photos of your awesomely arranged shelves. I admit, I have a penchant for beautifully merchandised and organized shelves. I even have a board on my Pinterest page dedicated to stunning displays and it takes me days of arranging and rearranging to get my bookshelves the way I want them when I move. When I get something new like a candle, book, photo frame or piece of artwork, I then rearrange the bookshelf display all over again. And I enjoy it! So, here are some of my tips for putting together the perfectly styled shelves.


The Coveteur

Don’t worry about making sure all the books are lined up going the same way like on plain old bookshelves of yester-year. Play with stacks of books that are done both horizontally and vertically, and try putting them together in a triangle formation – from biggest to smallest.


Danielle Oakey Interiors

If you’re on Pinterest, I know you’ve run across those bookshelves that are grouped entirely according to color — dozens of books lined up according to color, like a rainbow. While you don’t have to go all out and colorize each shelf, you can try groupings that are all within one color scheme.


Julie Leah

Do you collect Precious Moment figurines? Shells from your beach vacations? Pez dispensers? Add them to your bookshelves and proudly fly that freak flag. I personally love the idea of adding a few pairs of shoes to a bookshelf – I mean, many of them are true works of art, and if you have a bookshelf in your boudoir, it will look just right.


Stylish Bird Blog

Add some artwork to the shelf. A print propped behind a stack of books can provide a fun backdrop that jazzes things up a bit. You can also throw in pieces like bowls, vases, sculptures and more, to add keep things interesting.


Centsational Girl

Layer things one on top of another in varying heights. It doesn’t look right when things are all the same height, and it gives you a chance to display some of your favorite pieces so that people notice them. Pretty little bowls on top of storage boxes, plants on top of stacks of books — even photo frames in front of a row of books.

Do you have any tips for organizing your bookshelves so they stand out? I would love to hear them!


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Palm Springs Style


One of my dear friends took a trip to Palm Springs a couple weeks ago, and I must say, I wish I could have gone with her. I am ready for some sun and heat and Seattle is just not quite there yet. Maybe in a few months. I am just feeling so inspired by the Palm Springs style right now – bright colors, wedges, palm trees, fresh manicures and pedicures that actually get seen…it all sounds so delightful. Here’s hoping I can visit soon! Until then, I’ll keep painting my nails bright colors and waiting for the sun to come out long enough that I can slip into my Chanel sandals.


Shoes|Swimsuit|Necklace|Dress|Nail Polish|Clutch

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Take Me Away: A Hotel Life


Have you guys heard about A Hotel Life? It’s my new favorite website to peruse for dream vacation ideas and travel eye-candy. It’s an editorial site that focuses on hotel reviews that are presented with an insider’s view. It’s like looking at your friend’s shots of their luxury vacation and getting their first hand tips and recommendations—except the people are famous and oh-so-stylish. Case in point: the latest addition is the Chateau Marmont reviewed by Yigal Azrouel. They give you all the “important bits” – best way to book, price, number of rooms, vibe, whether you should bring kids or not, whether there is a bar or restaurant or not. With it, they also include the Must Dos in the area – for example: Waris Ahluwalia  and his favorite boutique hotel in Paris. He recommends where to go while you’re there, like Cafe Flore or Jardin du Luxembourg, and the Must Haves are there too: what to wear and take with you for that city, that lifestyle, that hotel.

I adore it. You also get a little bit of an inside peek into these glamorous jet-setters lives. They tell you who they went with and why there were there. Love that kind of US Weekly information. Some day, I will take one of those recommendations and see one of these glorious hotels and cities for myself!


The Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach

Where have you traveled lately?


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Daydreaming of Olive and Cypress Trees…


I may or may not peruse the Sotheby’s International Realty site from time to time to do a little real estate dreaming. Recently, I stumbled on this Italian villa in Lucca. The gardens have been photographed for multiple magazines, there is an olive grove, a swimming pool, and I am basically in love. And it can all be mine for the low low price of about 12 million. Womp, womp. For now, I will just keep daydreaming about Italian villas, lemon tress, cypress tress, olive groves, rolling green hills, pasta, gelato, and that beautiful beautiful language that just rolls off the tongue. Sigh.

Ciao, bella.


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Decorate with an Accent Wall


Hygge and West wallpaper designed by Oh, Joy, Jess Lively’s Home

Last spring, I started redecorating my bedroom, but got stalled a few weeks into the process. Stupid checkbook wasn’t cooperating with my ideas. Anyway, since I live in a rental apartment, there isn’t too much I can do to renovate and redecorate, like painting or knocking down walls. But, I’ve recently gotten hooked on the idea of an accent wall. Just one wall in a room that sets the whole thing off and makes it dynamic and interesting. It’s a great option instead of painting all the walls and taking the chance of going too far overboard. Plus, if you use wallpaper, there are so many bold, over the top prints available these days, it would almost be too much on all the walls.


Southern Hospitality|Apartment Therapy|Houzz|Camilla Molders|Decor Pad|

Even using a subtly patterned wallpaper on one wall makes an amazing difference. Big, bold prints can be fun but you can make a stylish, chic impact with a calmer print on one wall. I like to think I’ll have to guts to go big and bold when I have my own home someday, but I might just choose one of these neutral subtly patterned ones instead. Aren’t these prints gorgeous? They didn’t have wallpaper like this when my mom was decorating our house when I was a kid. Mark my words lovelies, wallpaper is making a comeback!


American Blinds|Schumachers|Urban Outfitters|Unknown|Unknown

Which one of these pretty wallpapers would you choose? Would you do a whole wall, or just one fabulous accent wall?


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The Louis Vuitton Express

The Selby and The Louis Vuitton Express

The latest collection from Louis Vuitton was all about taking a voyage by train—they even ended the most recent runway show with an old fashioned locomotive. As part of the concept Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel, not long ago, they sent The Selby on a journey by train from Paris to Shanghai, aboard the Orient Express and had him document the entire journey—which he did through photos, videos, sketches, and journal entries. It’s a completely charming and brilliant project (and marketing tool) and I just fell so hard for it.

The Selby and Louis Vuitton

I really miss traveling by train. When I lived in Italy, I took the train everywhere and it was magical. I loved to put my headphones on and just watch the countryside and cities roll by to a soundtrack of James Taylor and Norah Jones. Something about traveling by train is so romantic and old-fashioned. I always found the train station to be an exciting place—perhaps because I was usually sprinting to make my train—but it really is. They always seemed straight out of an old movie to me – the big clocks, the noises, the reader board with the destinations on it. At least, this was my experience in Europe.

I had the privilege of taking the train from the northern-most part of Italy to the south. Through the Alps, and along the coast. Through rolling golden and green hills in Tuscany. At dawn through the mist outside of Milan, and in the dead of night through Umbria. On one journey, a dear friend even lent me his Louis Vuitton Speedy duffel bag to travel with. That was where the love affair with Louis began.

Plus, traveling by train is so stylish—just watch an old movie with the girl waving goodbye on the platform. She’s always wearing a fabulous outfit, an amazing coat, a chic hat—and let’s not forget the trolleys of matching trunks, cases and bags. See? I am getting carried away because I have such a soft spot in my heart for travel by train.

The Selby and Louis Vuitton

I love to travel. I love airports and train stations because they hold the promise of exotic locales and new adventures just waiting for you. Still, there is nothing quite so romantic and nostalgic as traveling by train. Especially when it involves an array of matching LV luggage.

What is your favorite journey to make?


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