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Fourth of July Fashion

Fourth of July, Red White and BlueVia Chance

As I am writing this post, I am also painting my nails a bright candy apple red color and planning what to wear on Wednesday—for the Fourth of July! I’m excited for the 4th this year because I will get to spend it with my sister, her husband and my adorable niece and nephew, watching fireworks and making yummy cocktails. Its also fun to experience the holidays through the eyes of a child again. I’m also super excited that the BF will be there to snuggle with while the fireworks go off. So, with all the excitement, I am already in planning mode – food, drinks, and of course, the outfit. I am definitely not above wearing red, white and blue from head to toe. Why not? It doesn’t have to look tacky or over-the-top. Check out how chic it can be…

Fourth of July Fashion, red, white and blue

Long Island Prep, Late Afternoon, Wendy’s Lookbook, Perpreption, Brooklyn Blonde, Atlantic Pacific     

These stylish (and patriotic!) options are making me think I don’t need to limit the red, white and blue combination to just one day a year – or to a yachting party. Red and white jeans are a great way to go, and a simply striped top gives it a preppy, nautical-vibe. Definitely all-American.

These are some great items to bring out your patriotic spirit on Wednesday – my personal favorites are the bright red Superga sneakers (SO getting a pair), the adorable bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez and the Julep nail polish in “American the Beautiful” – I have already checked into the salon near me twice to see if its in yet – that’s how badly I want to paint my nails with that color. The red I just put on is only a back-up!

Fourth of July Fashion, red, white and blue

Blouse, Sneakers, Makeup, Hat, T-Shirt, Scarf, iPhone case, Swimsuit, Nail Polish

How are you spending the 4th of July this year?

Send a picture of your patriotic fashion and share your style!


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Stylish Couples – Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger

I ran across a few pictures of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson on Pinterest the other day, and they looked so insanely stylish together, I went looking for more – just to see if they were always this insanely fashionable together. They are! Joining the ranks of Posh and Becks, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Tom and Gisele, and Brangelina, they are an utterly adorable under-the-radar couple. I mean, come on you guys – its Pacey!! I knew what a catch this one was back in the Dawson Creek days.

Check them out on the red carpet – always perfectly coordinated and complementary. She takes risks with her fashion and I love that about her. She owns it, which allows her to pull of looks that would look otherwise over the top. And I love his suits – tailored to perfection. He even manages to make them look good with sneakers. How adorable does he look in a bow-tie??

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Red Carpet

Even when they are laid-back and casual, they look like they consulted each other on their outfits before leaving the house. And not in a “we’re wearing matching t-shirts” kind of way, but in a we’re -just-that-in-sync and we-have-incredible-fashion-sense kind of way. How they manage to be that cute together and not in a sickening way, is beyond me. I just have one question…what is with the picnic basket for a purse, Diane?

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Casual Style

I’m feeling inspired to start working on the boyfriend’s outfits and mine too, of course.

What do you think about Josh and Diane’s style?


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Fashion Inspiration: Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

The Chive

Alright, alright, alright. Something recently reminded me of the movie Dazed and Confused, and although I can’t for the life of me remember what it was that got me on this train of thought, I can’t stop thinking about the movie now. And wanting to watch it – in fact, its already on my weekend To Do List. It’s one of my all time favorites – never gets old, a true classic. And maybe its all the 70’s influences in fashion right now, or the staggering amount of wide leg high-waisted jeans that are available in stores at the moment, but I am feeling this look.

I mean, who doesn’t love dark denim with a flared leg and super tall wedges? It makes your legs look impossibly long and lean.

Dazed and Confused

Knotted Button Down – Missi NY, Jeans – MiH, Belt – Mulberry, Shoes – Twelfth St. By Cynthia Vincent

So, I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. I’ve long been a fan of the short shorts and tall knee socks look. I know, not the classiest of looks – but there is just something about it – I’ve always wanted to wear that outfit somewhere. I haven’t found the right event (or the nerve) quite yet, but I am pretty sure its going to be my Halloween costume next fall. Brilliant, no? Can’t wait to tell people to “fry like bacon!”

Dazed and Confused

Whistle Necklace – Asos, Baseball Shirt – TNA, Shorts – TEXTILE Elizabeth and James, Socks – Striped Socks

Do you ever get inspired by your favorite movies to create new looks and outfits?


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Fashion Inspiration: White Denim and Chambray

Chambray and White Denim

For the Love of Pretty

Ok lovelies, I’ve found my new spring and summer uniform. White denim jeans or white denim shorts with a chambray top – preferably button down, but there are a lot of cute chambray options out there right now. Its casual but chic, and what screams summer weather more than white denim? And chambray, for that matter. See where I’m going with this?

White Denim and Chambray

Pretty Pretty Things, Unknown, Style Edition, Unknown, Style Edition

Oh man, its gonna be so freakin’ cute! Menswear inspired, casual chic – a little sexy with an oversized button down or tight white jeans…are you with me on this, lovelies?

Chambray Shirts

Preen, United Bamboo, Boy by Band of Outsiders

How adorable is the shirt in the middle from United Bamboo? Makes the look a little girlier.

Which one is your favorite? Do you see the little ruffles on the first shirt?


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Fashion Inspiration: A Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket Jean JacketAtlantic Pacific Blog

I’ve been a fan of the jean jacket since I was a kid – and its been a consistent staple in my closet that long too. To me, its the perfect casual jacket for spring and summer – lightweight and comfortable. I’ve had a lot of styles over the years – cropped, dark, light, distressed, you name it – but never acid wash. Never. Its an item I like to update each year. This year I went for a light denim – almost sky blue – version that’s cropped. The denim jean jacket is a piece of classic Americana – every girl should have one in their closet. I’ve even seen a lot of great options for dressing it up a little bit recently, too – add sequins underneath, throw it over a cute dress, there are so many options -which is why you need multiple versions in your closet – one dark, one light, in cropped and longer lengths both. It’s classic, cool and versatile – what more could you want?

Denim Jackets

Plan A, See Jane, Les Mads, Hudson – Shopbop, J Brand – Shopbop, Current Elliott – Shopbop

Do you have a denim jacket (or two) in your closet? How do you style it?

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Fashion Inspiration: Gingham


Via We Heart It

I have a new obsession: gingham. Really, I shouldn’t be surprised I love this retro vintage print – I am, at heart, a classic All-American preppy kind of girl. Last week at J.Crew, I bought my first piece of gingham for my closet – hot pink! And now, I can’t get enough. I love the classic navy blue check as well – its so perfectly prep. Layered under a v-neck sweater just adds to the preppiness. Pairing it with unexpected elements and details, like sequins or a getting the pattern in a bright color, can make it more modern and fun, as well as give it a more retro-glam feel.


Bud and Leo, Wit and Delight, I am Khatu, Atlantic Pacific, Atlantic Pacific   

Isn’t that teal gingham dress with the camel Celine bag and gold jewelry, fabulous? It reminds me of Betty Draper on Mad Men! I think its such a great print for summer – maybe because it evokes the idea of picnics, but with all the bright fun colors its coming in now, its even more summery. Summery, ladylike, a little retro, classic Americana…just what I am going for with my style this summer.

Trench Coat – Marc Jacobs, Ring – Tory Burch, Button Down: J.Crew, Sleeveless Button Down: Moschino, Teal Button Down: Antik Batik, Shoes: Miu Miu, Underwear: Hanky Panky

Is anyone else dying over the tan and white Marc Jacobs trench coat?! Love!


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Fashion Inspiration: My Converse Chucks

Converse Sneakers - Chucks

I’m a girly girl – I love my high heels and my flirty dresses and the color pink. But, truth be told, you know what I love almost more than anything else in my closet? My Converse All Stars – or as I lovingly refer to them, my Chucks. I quite honestly, don’t know how I would survive without them. I wore them when I was in middle school, and I’m wearing them still to this day. They are the perfect sneakers for me – I love the clean, classic, simple, all-American look – they make me feel preppy and sporty, but still cute and stylish. And although I always wore them with shorts and jeans, I’ve been realizing lately how cute they can be with other outfits as well…

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Sincerely Jules, The Fashion Junki, Lookbook, Lookbook, Wildfox Tumblr, What I’d Wear Tumblr     

They look totally adorable with long maxi skirts and little summer dresses. Who knew they would even work so well with tights? Its a little edgy and different, and I’m liking it. I will be rocking these tennis shoes until I’m 95. Count on it.

What is your favorite pair of shoes in your closet?


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Three Cheers For: Gold Makeup

Gold Makeup

W Magazine

Let’s be honest – nothing beats the warm summer glow you get during the summer – everyone feels prettier with a little bit of a bronzed, sun-kissed look. And you know what goes well with a sun-kissed summer glow? More glowy-goodness! I’m talking gold. It looks so good against bronzed skin. No big surprise then, that golden bronzed makeup is on trend for the summer months. Metallics in general are big this coming season, but the shimmery gold is what I’ve fallen head over heels for. Its glamorous, its sexy and I can’t wait to bust it out this summer.

Gold Makeup

W Magazine, Butterfly Diary, Holly Arabella  

You can go big and bold (the gold foiled eyes at Fendi, anyone?) or you can do subtle. You can do bright gold eyes, or you can do a smoky gold eye with deep rich browns and bronzes – like the image here on the bottom. If you want to do gold really subtly, try a gold dusting powder or an gold-toned illuminator on your skin. I think my favorite new idea for wearing gold makeup is the eyeliner in the picture above – a line of gold on top of a line of black.

I’m ready to bronzed, glowing and golden – how about you?

Gold Makeup

Nars Shimmering Body Oil, Stila Eyeshadow, Benefit Highlighter, Deborah Lippman, Organic Glam and Nars Nail Polish, Bobbi Brown Powder Gel Bronzer, Chanel Lipstick, Guerlain Pure Gold Makeup Base, Nars Body Illuminator, Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil


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Three Cheers For: The Vintage Pajama Set

Vintage Pajama Set

Via Lex Est Rex

Alright, so I know the new trend is pajama-wear during the day time, but its one trend that I prefer to keep in the bedroom. I’ve seen a lot of pajama-style pants and tops on the streets lately, and it did get me thinking. Usually my pajamas consist of (is this too personal? hmmm…meh!) sweats and an oversized t-shirt – I know, its not super chic or sexy, but sometimes a girl just wants to be cozy, okay? Or a cute little nightgown during the spring and summer. But recently, I have really been wanting a pair of vintage-style pajamas – the top that buttons down like a man’s shirt, with a collar, and matching pants. It looks cozy and comfy but its also stylish and sexy – the perfect combination, if you ask me!

Something about it is a little like wearing your guy’s button down – totally sexy. Its menswear for bedtime instead of daytime! I am thinking I will need one cotton pair with pinstripes and one silky pair – just to be luxurious. A totally glamorous pajama option.

Pajama Sets

Piamita, Marni, Equipment, Equipment, Lanvin, Bodas, Marni

Care to share what you lounge around in or wear to bed?


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Fashion Inspiration: Midi Skirts

Midi Skirt

Oma Vintage

I am ready to start filling my closet with cute new pieces for spring and summer, but ever since I started my new day job, I’ve also realized the gaping hole in my wardrobe where my business-casual and work appropriate attire should be. What’s a girl to do? Why, find pieces that fit both needs, of course! Cute pieces that can be worn at work, after work and on weekends. This is where the midi skirt comes in! I have been wanting one for awhile, and now that I have a good excuse – its perfect for both work and a breezy summer evening or weekend picnic – I am on the hunt!

Midi Skirt

What I Wore, El Rincon de Moda, Teen Vogue, Lucy Laucht, Fashion Style Advice    

After looking at these pictures, I am pretty certain that my midi skirt is going to need to be pleated and hit right below the knee or mid-calf. I also really like the look with a white dress shirt knotted at the waist.

Here are some of my favorite picks – I think I am going to go with a bright juicy color like honeysuckle or kelly green. Although, the black and white one is pretty amazing too and would be perfection for my new professional executive life.

Midi Skirts

Alice and Olivia, John Zack, Sonia Rykiel, Sonia Rykiel, Ted Baker, Chloe

Have you already embraced the midi trend? How do you wear it?


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