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Wedding Beauty Prep

wedding-beauty With just four months to go before my wedding day, I have started focusing on a few new parts of my beauty routine to ensure that by August I am looking and feeling like the best version of myself. Mostly I am focused on my skin and hair.

I think all the years of abuse are finally starting to get to my fine locks. Between the foil treatments, daily workout ponytails, blow dryer, straightening iron and curling iron, it appears to have had it. Ideally, I want my hair to be  nice and long for the wedding, but it’s been breaking off and refusing to grow this past year. After talking to my stylist and my colorist at Gene Juarez, I decided to try taking Biotin vitamins – they’re supposed to make your hair grow thick and strong –  and started using Kerastase Intialiste every time I wash my hair. I am obsessed with it. First of all, it smells divine. Second, it is actually working. I’ve done a lot of different things to try and revitalize my hair, but this seems to strengthen it at the roots and keep it from breaking off as much as it used to. Plus, it never leaves my hair greasy, which is one of the standards I measure a great hair product by.

Second, I’ve invested in the Hydrating B5 Gel from SkinCeuticals. A gal giving me a facial recently told me there’s a difference between moisturizing skin and hydrating skin. With this gel, I feel like I am actually hydrating it. It seems to plump my skin and moisturize it from within. It’s not like putting lotion on your face. It feels like an actual change in your skin – not just a layer of cream. Plus, the gel isn’t sticky or heavy. It’s super light and dries really fast – making it a cinch to put on under makeup.

Last but definitely not least, sunscreen. I had a few moles removed my face recently, and to keep the scars from darkening or getting worse, I need at least 50 SPF on my face. There is 30 SPF sunscreen in my foundation, but before the wedding, I am amping it up to 50. This one from La Roche Posay is super light and great for sensitive skin. It’s also nice since I hate feeling like there is a thick layer of product on my face. I plan to keep this going long after the wedding. We all know how crucial sunscreen is – to protect scars from getting worse, especially.


Finally, and possibly my favorite part of this whole beauty routine, the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial at Willow’s Lodge Spa. I had my first one a couple weeks ago I am absolutely hooked. It’s also known as the red carpet facial – stars are known for getting one right before big red carpet events. They did one half of my face first and when I looked in the mirror, the difference was SO obvious. The side of my face that hadn’t been treated yet looked like I had a lazy eye! That was how much it lifted and plumped my skin. For the next few days, my skin literally glowed and felt super smooth – like a baby’s skin. I hate to say a beauty treatment can be life changing, but it was life changing!! I plan on doing a few of them leading up to the wedding – including the day before.

What did you do to to prepare for your wedding? Any other products I should try before the big day?


Sunscreen|Moisturizer|Vitamins|Hair Serum

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My Beauty Must-Haves


These are the products in my arsenal that I couldn’t live without—there are a few missing because I am pretty sure I have proclaimed their amazingness to death on this blog before—like Nars Orgasm blush. It’s the only one I’ll wear. And Diorshow mascara because it looks like you’re wearing falsies. But these are the other day-to-day beauty favorites and must-haves that I am devoted to.

1. Kerastase Bain Satin: This shampoo is my hair’s savior. I regularly highlight my hair blonde, and that’s tough on it. I use this to keep it moisturized but not greasy.

2. Kerastase Ciment Thermique: Another savior product for my over-worked strands. Almost every day I run a straightener or curling iron over my increasingly angry ends, and without this, they would be much much worse for the wear. This protects your strands from the heat and seals the cuticle.

3. Korres Moisturizing Cream for Oily and Dehydrated Skin: I have the worst combination skin, which can make it hard to find the right products for all areas of my face. This moisturizer is gentle but effective in keeping me moisturized but not clogging pores.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat: I wouldn’t leave the house without this. It brightens, lightens, corrects and conceals. It’s a miracle worker for my under-eye circles when there has been too much party-party the night before.

5. Bulgari Omnia Crystalline: This fragrance is my go-t0 for a day fragrance. I try to keep my daytime fragrance picks light and airy, saving the stronger scents for evenings and big events.

6. Korres 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion: Just like the moisturizer from Korres, this is my ideal facial cleanser. It doesn’t foam and isn’t soapy, so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or stripped. It’s gentle but effective and so creamy. It feels like heaven after a long day.

7. Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning: This is the ONLY self tanner I trust to go on my face. Except for a few times when it was ummm…tipsily applied, I’ve never had problems with making mistakes, getting weird lines around the hairline, or going orange. It’s never orange. It’s subtle and just gives you a nice glow.

8. Biologique Recherche P50W: This has to be the most unique product on my shelf. It’s somewhat like a toner, I guess. I became an addict of this stuff when I got my first French facial years ago. It balances the pH of your skin and is kind of an exfoliant as well. It smells to high heaven and tingles/stings when you first start using it, but it makes my skin so bright and clear and radiant. If you can get past the smell, it’s a magic potion, I swear.

9. Fresh Sugar Berry Lip Balm: This one is a no-brainer. For days when my lips are feeling a little dry or chapped but I still want a pinch of color, this is it.

What beauty products are your must-haves?


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Insta-Weekend in Pictures


My weekend was delightful. A Donavon Frankereiter concert with my guy and his brother, taking in the cherry blossoms blooming on the University of Washington campus, shopping for new shoes with my mom and older brother (my first pair of Chanel shoes!), a Saturday night girls’ night in with one of my besties, chocolate, champagne, magazines, and an at home facial from Jessica Alba’s new book, and Easter with the family and a cocktail competition. Deeeeelightful.

P.S. — the facial made my skin feel super soft and it glowed for the next few days. The best part? All the ingredients were in the kitchen! Try it out :)

1/2 cup full fat Greek yogurt

1 tbs ground coffee

A dash lemon juice

Let it dry before rinsing it off with a warm washcloth.


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Net-a-Porter Designer Beauty


As if I wasn’t already a big whore for Net-a-Porter, they’ve now launched a Designer Beauty section of their website. I literally visit this site multiple times a week just to ogle the eye candy and pick out all the things I would buy if I had unlimited resources. I love everything about it—the simple layout and design, the clean clear way things are photographed, and all the amazing picks. Plus, when you order something from them, it comes so beautifully packaged. And we all know I am a sucker for good packaging.

Anyway, they now have a beauty portion to the site and its small, but mighty. Dreamy lines like Chantecaille, Le Metier de Beaute, Philip B. and Aesop, plus lines I am dying to try because…yep, the packaging looks amaze-balls. First up, the Ilia lipsticks and James Read self tanners.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love you anymore, Net-a-porter, you go and do this!


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Winter Essentials

Winter-Cold-Weather-Essentials It has been clear, sunny and cold-cold-cold here in Seattle the past few weeks, and it’s making my skin super dry and making me want to just stay inside all bundled up and cozy. Not to mention, I am headed to the Alt Summit blogger’s conference next week in Salt Lake City where the temperatures are lower than I have ever experienced. So, needles to say, cold weather and how to deal is on my mind. Cute gloves and a heavy moisturizer are essential as is Kiehl’s lip balm and a good pair of slippers. Don’t forget the water bottle for chilly nights and always, always, have some hot chocolate on hand.

Hot Chocolate|Lip Balm|Gloves|Lotion|Slippers|Hot Water Bottle

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Junkie


For all the beauty product addicts and junkies in your life, the holiday gift guide full of lotions and potions. I confess, I am a bit of a beauty product junkie. I belong to Birchbox so I can try new samples all the time, I can’t pass up a new nail polish, I die for Nars’ Orgasm blush, and I have a serious lip gloss fetish. Know someone like that? This gift guide may give you some ideas for prezzies!

1. Tom Ford Lipstick Set—This luxe lipstick set has a whole bevvy of luscious shades.

2. MAC Fabulousness Smoky Eye Palette—I love this whole new set. The packaging is to die for.

3. Kate Spade Mini Nail Polish Set—A couple glittery shades make this foursome complete and ideal for the holiday season.

4. Red Velvet Lip Scrub—To keep those lips kissably soft at all times.

5. NARS Andy Warhol ‘Edie’ Gift Set—Edie Sedgwick was a 1960′s fashion icon with her platinum blonde hair, blank eyeliner and nude lips. This set comes from the best line of cosmetics out there and will help you achieve that perfect “Factory Girl” look.

6. Stila Snow Angel Color Palette—Every eye shadow shade you could ever need. Plus some fab mascara to finisht the look!

7. Julep Winter Collection 2012—I love love love Julep nail parlors and their environmentally friendly nail polishes. So chic!


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