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I initially earned my stripes through freelance style writing and providing social media marketing to a number of local businesses in the Seattle area. Currently I’m the editor of Where® Seattle magazine, a travel magazine, and Editor of Daily Candy® Seattle. While my day jobs keep me busy, the Style Umbrella keeps me entrenched in all the beautiful things I love. I hope you find some inspiration and beauty here to make your day brighter.


I’m a devoted mom to a snorting, sniffling pug with an attitude, a perpetual dreamer, a magazine junkie, a die-hard romantic, a lip gloss addict, an avid reader, a lover of any and all things Italian, a history nerd, a shopaholic and a travel fanatic. I tend to let my imagination run away with me, cherish my friends and family, and I’m determined to never stop exploring the world around me.

15th September 2011 | ashley |