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Save the Date


I am sharing something very special with you today — the save the dates for our wedding! Forgive for two wedding related posts in a row, but with ten weeks to go, it’s where all my attention and energy are currently focused. My fiance is a damn fine graphic designer, so I was lucky enough to be able to leave the save the dates, invitations, place cards, menus, programs and all other design/paper related details up to his genius. And guys, I may be biased, but this guy is truly a design genius. He did such an awesome job with our Save the Dates. They were printed on small poster sized glossy paper and then folded so that when you unfolded them, you got the details and a new image on each section.

Here you have the cover of the little booklet, as well as the back – complete with the monogram of our initials that he created for our engagement (and subsequently had tattooed on his forearm—seriously, is there anything hotter than a guy getting tattooed with your initials?), and the address for the engagement website.


Once you opened the booklet, you saw this:


Unfold it again, and you get our date…and him with a mouth full of whip cream courtesy of yours truly…


Unfold it for a third time (this one is my favorite)…


And finally, the paper, when unfolded entirely, shows this gorgeous image…the adventure begins.


Gotta love marrying a fellow typography nerd — he nailed it with these fonts — and the design, obvi.


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