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Gift Guide for Man’s Best Friend


Yes, even the pets in your family would love to get gifts for Christmas. I know mine would like bags and bags full of treats. They are, after all, the little furry members of the family.

1. Jonathan Adler Knitted Dog Scarf—how cute and cozy would your pooch look in this scarf?

2. Reiko Kaneko Dog Bowl—I think the picture of the dog’s nose close up in the bottom of this bowl is hilarious and so clever!

3. Dura Doggie Nebo Toy—My dog has this toy and she goes absolutely crazy-pants insane for it when I hide treats inside of it.

4. Personalized Gif Bucket—Perfect for the person who may have gotten a new puppy or adopted a dog right before the holidays.

5. Harry Barker Country Treat Bags—These cute feed sacks are filled with all-natural dog treats. Perfect for the family pet’s stocking!

6. Rope Leash—I love the nautical twist on the typical dog leash here. Also, if someone wants to give me that French Bulldog, that would be okay too.

7. Denim Heart Dog Pillow—Stylish so that it fits in perfectly with your decor instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.


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6th December 2012 | ashley | Gift Guides
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such good timing! love the suggestions! xoxo


Hope its going well with the new little furry man in your life, lady! xoxo