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A Full Tulle Skirt



Two weeks ago, I walked past the Anthropologie near my home and stopped dead in my tracks. There in the front window was the full, cream tulle skirt of my dreams. Immediately, I knew it had to be mine. In the flash of an instant, I had already imagined wearing it to holiday parties, New Year’s Eve and yes, even to the grocery store. Yes, I know it’s a little Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the City, but truth be told, I’ve always had a weak spot for seriously girly fashions that may also be worn by a five-year-old. I can’t help it. Something about a tulle ballerina skirt makes my heart skip a beat. So, while I haven’t figured out yet what to pair with it for Christmas Eve, I have decided it doesn’t matter because just look at all the ways you can style a tulle skirt…


Lookbook|Courtney Kerr|Chictopia

What would you pair with a tulle skirt?


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Gift Guide for the Hostess


A gift guide for the consummate hostess—you know, that friend that does perfect DIY projects, hosts dinner parties with home cooked gourmet food, sends you baskets of homemade muffins when you’re sick, pampers you when you’re staying in the guest room and channels Martha herself all day, everyday.

1. Noble Handcrafted Maple Syrup is matured in charred oak barrels for a distinctively sweet taste.

2. Laduree candles—the macarons are out of the this world, so I expect the candles will be as well.

3. Little Shirley Vases—come in a rainbow of colors and are perfect for just one little bud to brighten a room or your day.

4. Diptyque’s Holiday Candle—because they are the gold standard in candles and the glass is so gorgeously designed.

5. Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook—for mixing the perfect cocktail with style and panache on just the right occasion.

6. Monogrammed Coasters—because everything is better with a monogram. Totes classy and preppy chic.

7. Tea Towels from Studiopatro—for their eye-catching minimalist designs.

8. Jouer Sparkle and Pop Holiday Poppers—because they are oh-so-pretty in pink and gold and come filled with surprises!

9. The Flavour Thesaurus—for genius flavor inspiration and pairings when cooking.

10. Gold Chevron and Confetti Paper Placemats—easy to use, easy to clean, lovely to look at.

11. Cococozy Lavender Sachets—to keep drawers sweet-smelling.


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Holiday Cards from Minted


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to kick my favorite season into high-gear! I love the holiday season—the snow, the hustle and bustle, choosing special gifts for those near and dear to my heart, Christmas cookies, parties, mistletoe, caroling, hot cider, family and friends…it’s such a special time of year. It’s also the time of year for holiday cards—I am making an effort to get a head start on these this year, since I always procrastinate. It’s so hard when there are so many adorable options to choose from.

One of the best sources, I think, for stylish and unique holiday cards is They have the best options! You can change the shape of the card, the color scheme, use your own photos, and there are font and design choices galore.

There are cute couple cards for the newlyweds or the married-without-kids-yet…(I love the jumping one!)


And ones announcing the birth of a precious new bundle of joy…(Trading Silent Nights for a Bundle of Joy cracks me up!)


And fun, playful picks for family cards…the bottom pick with the map and family photo is so clever…


But my favorites are these family holiday cards that give a year-in-review with fun infographics. Super creative, totally cute, not something you see all the time, and it lets people see the highlights of your year at a glance.


How do people ever pick just one design to send out for holiday cards from Minted? I love them all!

Have you sent your cards yet?


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Holiday Gift Guide for Him


Happy Gift Guide season, lovelies! Let’s kick it off with a guide to gifts for him—dad, brother, boyfriend, fiance, husband, best friend—because the men in our life deserve to be spoiled by us—at least once a year.

1.  A cool looking t-shirt with a great design on it. I love this simple but stylish one from Best Made Company.

2. The Spinnerette Turntable has an awesome retro look to it, but can be hooked up to your computer (Mac and PC) or MP3 player. So he can have a little bit of the Mad Men look to his home decor.

3. Black on black playing cards from Alexander Wang, so he can be the coolest guy at the weekly poker nights with his buddies.

4. Antiqued flap briefcase from Logan for the polished but manly guy in your life.

5. Sea Salt Soap is so much more manly then the lavender scented soap we girls like to have around.

6. Yard Dice for summer nights outdoors—goes great with beers and friends.

7. The Crow Zebra Gel Watch is sporty and modern and he won’t have to worry about scratching it up or ruining it.

8. The Endeavor Bracelet is masculine enough that he can actually get away with wearing “jewelry”.

9. A flask from Izola so you can toast to his health.

10. The Maptote Dopp Kit is sharp and functional. And better than the plastic baggy he is currently carrying his toothbrush around in.

11. Handknit gloves that go well with flannel, jeans, polar fleece and other outdoorsy wear.

12. The Survival Bundle from Apolis is a great gift for the rugged mountain man that likes to test his limits in the great outdoors.

Next up…a Gift Guide for the Hostess with the Mostest!

What are you getting the men in your life for the holidays?


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Holiday Gift Guides


Tis the season for one of my favorite blog features! Last year, I had the best time putting together shopping and gift guides for different people for the holidays. So, naturally, I am going to be doing it again over the next few weeks. I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving until later this week, but in the spirit of not procrastinating and for all of you who have already started your holiday shopping, we’re starting now. Well, technically, we’ll be starting tomorrow. Today, I am just going to kick it off with my Ultimate Dream Wishlist of what I want Santa to bring me this year.


1. A vintage Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk. Because I can’t think of what could possibly make a better table or piece of decor in my home.

2. This breathtaking Ippolita Lollipop Ring because the color is so stunning and reminds me of a tropical ocean. Also because I have inherited my grandmother’s love for big chunky, statement-making cocktail rings.

3. The Central Park West fragrance from Bond No.9 for its ultra feminine floral scent that never wears off half way through the day.

4. A silk pajama set from Equipment because it would be like sleeping in the lap of luxury and I think menswear pajamas on a woman can be so sexy.

5. The large Cabas Chyc East/West bag from YSL because it is so classic and timeless. Plus, I love the unique gray shade. I don’t have a gray purse!

6. A French bulldog puppy. Because look at that face! I am obsessed with these dogs. If I got one, I probably wouldn’t be blogging the next day because I will have DIED FROM THE CUTE.

7. A T3 Featherweight Dryer because my blowdryer is about to give out and I’ve been hearing about the amazing way this one treats your hair, for years now.

Tell me what’s on YOUR ultimate wishlist for Santa this year…


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Shopping in Seattle

Watson Kennedy Fine Living, Seattle, Washington

Welcome to a new feature here on The Style Umbrella—Shopping in Seattle. I am really excited about sharing some of my hometown’s best boutiques with you on occasion. Contrary to popular opinion, there are plenty of stylish shops in Seattle that sell more than flannel and combat boots.

Today, I want to introduce you to Watson Kennedy. This shop is one of my all time favorites in the city. It is literally overflowing with fine home goods and gifts and it has, hands down, the best merchandising and displays of any place I have ever shopped. Things are often displayed according to color schemes, ideas or themes, making it both fun and easy to shop.

Cookbooks, soaps, notepads, lotions, vases, candles, ribbons, glasses, calendars, jewelry—you can find it all here.

Some of my favorite finds are the gourmet chocolates from Marie Belle, Hugo Guinness prints, a Veuve Clicquot hand-painted tray, Kenneth Turner candles and oodles of one-of-a-kind cards and papers.

Just try telling me you don’t want to shop this beautiful shop full of treasures!

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6 Things on My Current Wishlist


With the onslaught of holiday gift guides and presents beginning to make their way into the marketplace this month, I haven’t been able to help but notice a few things that get my heart beating a little bit faster and that I simply must add to my current wishlist…

1. Clare Vivier makes the most chic little clutches and bags. This leopard print one is so fun and sassy, I’ve actually had my eye on it for quite some time now.

2. These Michael Kors boots recently went on sale, and I think they are the most perfect fal boot in the reddish brown shade. Plus, I don’t have a pair with a chunkier heel yet…

3. This wool sweater from Undercover is actually a men’s sweater, but I can’t get over the whimsical and a little bit silly unicorn instarsia on the front. Besides, I love a good oversized sweater.

4. I’ve heard for a long time now that silk pillowcases are a great way to protect your hair and keep your skin looking healthier, and I am ready to try it out. It just sounds heavenly!

5. Have you heard about this new Givenchy lipstick? Don’t let the gray color fool you—it interacts with the pH in your lips to create and show your own custom shade. Brilliant!

6. Kate Spade‘s entire collection is usually always on my running wishlist, but this cheeky little pouch makes me giggle…and maybe want to be a little bit naughty with my credit cards.

What’s on your wishlist right now?


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Winter White and Gold

White and Gold

One of my favorite color combinations for the winter months is white and gold. I definitely don’t subscribe to the “No White After Labor Day” rule—in fact, I think it’s a romantic, super chic color for the winter months. Paired with gold, it makes the look totally luxe and high-end. It’s a glamorous combination and I plan on sporting it all through the holidays.

Winter White and Gold

The Row|Kendra Scott|Rebecca Minkoff|Dogeared|Kate Spade

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Fashion Inspiration: Red Shoes

Red Heels

Red heels should be a staple in any girls wardrobe. They are bold, sexy and downright H-O-T. The power of red isn’t anything new—just think of red lipstick and Christian Louboutin soles. I have a pair of red suede peep toe pumps in my closet that I pull out on occasion. The occasion? An outfit that needs a pop of color, a dose of sexy or interesting touch.

Paired with a ladylike and feminine black dress a red heel can be sophisticated. Paired with black skinny jeans or black tights and black on top, it becomes that statement-making piece that catches the eye. Paired with beat up jeans and a leather jacket, it becomes edgy. Wear red heels like Miranda Kerr, matched with a striped top and skinny jeans, and the look is just impossibly chic and French. See now why every girl needs a good pair (or three) of red heels in her closet?

Red Heels

Here are some stunning red picks that I just love!

Red Heels

Jimmy Choo|Charlotte Olympia|Christian Louboutin|Christian Louboutin|Barneys Coop

Do you have a pair of little red shoes in your closet? What do you pair them with?


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