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Hopscotch Design from Chloe Fleury

Hopscotch Design by Chloe Fleury Hopscotch Designs for Blog Inc., by Oh Joy!

You. Guys. I don’t know how it is that I am just finding out about Hopscotch Design and Chloe Fleury, but she and her artwork are amazing. She’s an illustrator but she works with paper and transforms these flat one-dimensional sheets of paper into 3D masterpieces that I am just crazy for. A lot of the designs she eventually brings to life with stop motion animation. Can you believe she makes these works of art from paper? I am in awe of her talent. And, let’s be honest. I would love to step into the little worlds she creates in her pieces—they are utterly enchanting. Tiny bags that look like the ones from Chanel or Proenza Schouler, colorful vespas, Miu Miu booties, Moleskin notebooks and iMacs.

Hopscotch Design by Chloe Fleury

She sells prints of some of her work on her site, but I hope one day I can see one of her works in person. Or better yet, watch her create one. Add it to the bucket list folks. I think it would be such a cool process to witness. I mean, constructing these little worlds out of paper? No easy task, my friend.

Are you as charmed as I am by these stylish, fashionable and unique works of art?


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9th October 2012 | ashley | Pretty Things, Uncategorized
Chloé Fleury
Chloé Fleury

Hello Ashley! Thank you so much for your kind words about my work! This is a very nice post you wrote, I'm glad I inspired you this week ;)


Such cool work! Speaking of this artist and her collaboration with Joy, did you get Joy's book? Do you like it?


I haven't gotten it yet! I want to get it this week, sounds like its really well done. :)