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The Louis Vuitton Express

The Selby and The Louis Vuitton Express

The latest collection from Louis Vuitton was all about taking a voyage by train—they even ended the most recent runway show with an old fashioned locomotive. As part of the concept Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel, not long ago, they sent The Selby on a journey by train from Paris to Shanghai, aboard the Orient Express and had him document the entire journey—which he did through photos, videos, sketches, and journal entries. It’s a completely charming and brilliant project (and marketing tool) and I just fell so hard for it.

The Selby and Louis Vuitton

I really miss traveling by train. When I lived in Italy, I took the train everywhere and it was magical. I loved to put my headphones on and just watch the countryside and cities roll by to a soundtrack of James Taylor and Norah Jones. Something about traveling by train is so romantic and old-fashioned. I always found the train station to be an exciting place—perhaps because I was usually sprinting to make my train—but it really is. They always seemed straight out of an old movie to me – the big clocks, the noises, the reader board with the destinations on it. At least, this was my experience in Europe.

I had the privilege of taking the train from the northern-most part of Italy to the south. Through the Alps, and along the coast. Through rolling golden and green hills in Tuscany. At dawn through the mist outside of Milan, and in the dead of night through Umbria. On one journey, a dear friend even lent me his Louis Vuitton Speedy duffel bag to travel with. That was where the love affair with Louis began.

Plus, traveling by train is so stylish—just watch an old movie with the girl waving goodbye on the platform. She’s always wearing a fabulous outfit, an amazing coat, a chic hat—and let’s not forget the trolleys of matching trunks, cases and bags. See? I am getting carried away because I have such a soft spot in my heart for travel by train.

The Selby and Louis Vuitton

I love to travel. I love airports and train stations because they hold the promise of exotic locales and new adventures just waiting for you. Still, there is nothing quite so romantic and nostalgic as traveling by train. Especially when it involves an array of matching LV luggage.

What is your favorite journey to make?


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13th August 2012 | ashley | Places & Spaces
  maison à louer espagne costa brava
maison à louer espagne costa brava

L'année dernière, dans mes vacances d'été je voyage Paris avec ma femme. J'aime ses toutes les attractions, villas balnéaires et les hôtels, la nourriture, les clubs, ou le voyage de train J'aime le train le plus luxueux donne nous nous sentons d'hôtels de luxe. même comme avion. Je suis planing pour donner une fête surprise pour son anniversaire à nouveau dans le Paris de ma femme. La réservation du billet bientôt pour elle. merci pour ces informations utiles. Sur ce voyage, je vais couvrir les villages voisins ou d'autres attractions que j'ai manqué à mon dernier voyage à Paris.