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Mix and Match

Mixing and Matching Prints, Fashion

I must be getting more brave and bold with my fashion choices as I get older. Suddenly, I am feeling inspired to start mixing and matching my prints. For a long time, I have been afraid of combining different prints—mainly because if you do it wrong, you can look frightening. Now, probably due in large part to the amazing personal style blogs out there (Atlantic Pacific is the QUEEN of mixing and matching prints), I think I have a handle on how to do it and do it well.

Some foolproof tips to keep you from looking like you got dressed in the dark…

-Mix prints that are in similar color groups. Its simple way to ease into mixing and matching, and doesn’t make the look quite as jarring. The common color will bring the whole look together and help blend it.

-Think about adding one piece in a solid color to the mix, to ground the whole look.

-Pairing a neutral prints with a busier, more colorful one is a great way to get started. It allows one print to really shine and stand out and be complemented by the softer and more neutral print.

-Mixing and matching different textures is another easy way to pull off this look. Its a little simpler than mixing different patterns and prints, especially if you stay in the same color group. Choose one piece with a print or pattern, and a second in the same color family that has an interesting texture to it.

Mixing and Matching Prints, Fashion Atlantic Pacific, Oh Suze Q, For The Love of Pretty, Refinery 29, Wendy’s Lookbook, Atlantic Pacific, Bianca Brandolini, Caroline’s Mode

I find stripes usually pair well with floral and polka dot prints. And I rarely see a leopard print accessory that doesn’t look fashionable and daring when worn with a printed top or skirt. There’s just something about leopard, don’t you think? Pairing floral prints with floral prints…I might not be ready for that challenge…yet.

Have you mastered the art of mixing and matching different prints in your outfits?


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