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Leather Tops for Fall

Leather Top, Michael Kors, Fall 2012 Fashion Michael Kors Fall 2012 Runway

Ok, so I may have found the one new trend that just may succeed in getting me excited for fall. Right now, I am fighting the arrival of fall as hard as I can, because I don’t feel like I’ve gotten my share of summer quite yet. After all, I live in Seattle—I just need a little more sun and warmth for just a little longer. But when the sun and warmth finally do go away, I am more than ready to embrace the fall trend of leather tops.

Leather tops are definitely my top pick of the new fall season’s trends and styles. They are so sexy and edgy. We’ve seen the leather jackets and pants, the leather leggings, but leather tops are a relatively unique and new addition to the racks and runways.

Leather Top, Fall 2012 Fashion

Prada, Derek Lam, Helmut Lang, Derek Lam

I love the look of a black leather shell, but the leather peplum tops that have been popping up everywhere are pretty amazing too. They would add such a fun edge to a work look with a pencil skirt or skinny trousers. Here are some of the ways I’ve seen it styled recently that look great—I especially like Emma Stone’s look with white jeans, and of course, Emily Schuman of  Cupcakes and Cashmere always gets it right. Paired with a floral skirt, it can be work appropriate, and as a camisole with jeans, its just downright sexy for a night out.

Leather Top, Fall 2012 Fashion

 H&M actually has a really great affordable version of the leather peplum top and TopShop does an awesome version of a leather t-shirt with a leather front and racy chiffon back that is a pretty good price as well, but I am totally digging the gold leather t-shirt from Maje—I am already picturing holiday outfits with it. Is that weird? I like to be prepared. The long-sleeved Reed Krakoff version ain’t too shabby either.

Leather Tops, Fall 2012

How are you going to rock the leather trend this fall?


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Pretty Things: My Birthday is Coming!

Want It, Need It, Have to Have it, Birthday List, Birthday Wish List, Wish List, Currently Coveting

My birthday is coming up in about a week, and so, naturally, I am thinking of what I want to put on my Birthday Wish List this year. Yes, I will be turning an adult age somewhere between the ages of 25 and 35, and yes, I still make a Birthday List every year. Always have, probably always will. It’s like what Ross says about shopping for Rachel’s birthday on Friends—“Stick to the list. Always. Stick. To. The. List.” They are just suggestions and ideas in case someone should wish to get me a gift (not required, mind you!) and have no idea what I might like to receive. Since the invention of Pinterest, they could also simply consult my Want It, Need It, Have to Have It board. Anyway, that is all beside the point. This is simply a collection of the things that have caught my eye and my heart over the past couple of weeks.

Ring, iPhone Case, Bracelet, Leather Jacket, Sunglasses, Boots, Gloves, Necklace


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My Summer Wedding Look

Summer Wedding Look

Hello, lovelies! I am back from a fun-filled and incredibly busy weekend—finally! It’s been crazy around here with all the wedding events and activities, old friends in town to get drinks and dinner with, and what not. The wedding was great fun and I was totally pleased with how my whole look turned out. The dress was definitely the right choice—I was comfortable and could dance the night away, plus it wasn’t too short when I sat down or too tight after my steak dinner. Swink Style Bar did a great job getting the look that I had envisioned—from the side braid to the messy bun, to the black winged eyeliner and bright lip. And the shoes…well, let’s just say I stayed standing in them much longer than I thought I would.

Summer Wedding Dress

I danced and laughed till my feet and cheeks both hurt, and it was fabulous.

Hope you had an equally delightful weekend.


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My Summer Wedding Look

Summer Wedding Style

Ok, I have finally narrowed down my look for the summer wedding I am attending on Friday. I originally fell in love with the blue lace Zarita dress from Diane Von Furstenberg, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. She was a beauty, but didn’t fit me quite right. I would have been tugging and pulling at it all night long and that’s just not chic. So, I went with another one of my favorite choices – a one shoulder dress from BCBG. I adore the bright jade green color – perfect with a summer tan!

Next, it was on to find the right shoe. This one took awhile—I wasn’t sure whether to go strappy or not, metallic or not. I ended up finding the most beautiful shoe at Karen Millen – a satin peep toe pump with a platform and suede back. I am near giant status in them, but they’re just too gorgeous.

After that, it was time to think about hair and makeup. Luckily, Seattle is home to Swink Blow Dry and Style Bar—one of my favorite places to get my hair done before a big event. They did my hair before my 30th birthday party last year, and for a photo shoot for work a few months ago, and they have so many great styling options to choose from. Not to mention, incredibly talented stylists that will turn your tresses into a work of art. I am a big fan of getting hair and makeup done for special events like weddings—its a treat to have someone else give you a look you might not have been able to achieve on your own at home, and to try a little different look than you usually rock. I checked out their Facebook page for some ideas and found the one above, pulled up, a little messy, with a side braid. Perfection.

As for makeup, I am a little unsure still. I am loving the look of a bright pink lip like on Emma Stone, above. And a simple but dramatic eye with winged eyeliner. Maybe a very very pale green shadow on the lid. We will have to see—I clearly have some more inspiration idea shopping to do on Pinterest.

My toes and fingernails are painted a pale pink and I think I’ll wear my Chanel drop pearl earrings because they don’t get to see the light of day nearly often enough.

The only thing left to choose is a bag…

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on the look!


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The Louis Vuitton Express

The Selby and The Louis Vuitton Express

The latest collection from Louis Vuitton was all about taking a voyage by train—they even ended the most recent runway show with an old fashioned locomotive. As part of the concept Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel, not long ago, they sent The Selby on a journey by train from Paris to Shanghai, aboard the Orient Express and had him document the entire journey—which he did through photos, videos, sketches, and journal entries. It’s a completely charming and brilliant project (and marketing tool) and I just fell so hard for it.

The Selby and Louis Vuitton

I really miss traveling by train. When I lived in Italy, I took the train everywhere and it was magical. I loved to put my headphones on and just watch the countryside and cities roll by to a soundtrack of James Taylor and Norah Jones. Something about traveling by train is so romantic and old-fashioned. I always found the train station to be an exciting place—perhaps because I was usually sprinting to make my train—but it really is. They always seemed straight out of an old movie to me – the big clocks, the noises, the reader board with the destinations on it. At least, this was my experience in Europe.

I had the privilege of taking the train from the northern-most part of Italy to the south. Through the Alps, and along the coast. Through rolling golden and green hills in Tuscany. At dawn through the mist outside of Milan, and in the dead of night through Umbria. On one journey, a dear friend even lent me his Louis Vuitton Speedy duffel bag to travel with. That was where the love affair with Louis began.

Plus, traveling by train is so stylish—just watch an old movie with the girl waving goodbye on the platform. She’s always wearing a fabulous outfit, an amazing coat, a chic hat—and let’s not forget the trolleys of matching trunks, cases and bags. See? I am getting carried away because I have such a soft spot in my heart for travel by train.

The Selby and Louis Vuitton

I love to travel. I love airports and train stations because they hold the promise of exotic locales and new adventures just waiting for you. Still, there is nothing quite so romantic and nostalgic as traveling by train. Especially when it involves an array of matching LV luggage.

What is your favorite journey to make?


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Fashion Inspiration: Bows

Chanel Bow

I am sure this is totally shocking to all of you, but I am quite girly. My latest girly obsession? Bows! Big ones, little ones, skinny ones, fat ones—I am all about the feminine, girly, romantic bow. Its such a sweet touch to put on shoes, earrings, and my personal favorite—in my hair! I am already planning on rocking the ponytail with a big bow this fall.


What do you think of bows? Too sweet and girly? I am thinking of wearing a big bow with a ponytail for fall – with a tough leather biker jacket or something edgy – to balance out the sweet. On flats or a demure ring, I think they can simply be ladylike and romantic and not overly girly, but definitely, when it gets big and bold, I think its a good idea to balance it out with a piece that is a little more tough and edgy.


Miu Miu Flats, Marc Jacobs Ring, Ivanka Trump Ring, Valentino Bag, Red Valentino TShirt

How would you put a bow on it?


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Shopping for Fall

I’m still on vacation at the family lake house this week, but I have been busy brainstorming new post ideas for when I get back as I laze around in the sun every day. Today, we took a day trip to Hood River, Oregon, for a little shopping. One of my favorite boutiques ever is here – Plenty. The pieces are always a little more unique and different and there are always new lines I’ve never heard of before to try out. I had a grand old time playing dress up in the new fall picks from Diane Von Furstenburg, Corso Como, BCBG and more independent designers. As you can see, I found a perfect outfit for the next season. This studded Diane Von Furstenberg leather jacket rocked my world. Its everything I ever wanted. And more.


Hope you all are enjoying your week! I’ll be back in a few days with more.


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Fashion Inspiration: The Pantsuit

YSL Smoking Jacket, PantsuitHelmut Newton

Ok, so summer just got started here in Seattle. But despite the fact that for me, I am just now getting to break out the tank tops and shorts, fall fashions are everywhere already. One trend that I am noticing popping up all over the place, already? The pantsuit. It was all over the fall runways and a whole handful of designers put pantsuits in their collections. I am not ready for fall, by any means, but I have to admit, I am kind of excited for the pantsuit trend. I think it can be an incredibly sexy look when its done right. And I don’t mean the shoulder pad versions from the 90s that Hillary Clinton was so fond of. Not. That. Kind. Of. Pantsuit. Please.

Pantsuits Fall 2012 Runway

Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam, Christian Dior, Prada

The tailoring is crucial when it comes to making the pantsuit look good. The pants, in my humble opinion, should either be wide leg and high-waisted, or cropped and skinny. I think the classic white or black pantsuit is the sexiest version – especially when you get daring and wearing nothing – or next to nothing – underneath. If you decide to go that route, make sure you have plenty of high quality double sided garment tape at your disposal.

Kate Moss for YSL

 Jennifer Aniston always seems to do pantsuits right—classic black, lots of skin underneath the jacket, and wide legged trousers. Seriously, the more I look at these images, the more I am falling in love with this trend. And the more sexy its becoming. Case in point: Blake Lively in the red Michael Kors pantsuit. Girlfriend is rocking that look.

What do you think? Are you feeling inspired to try a seductive pantsuit this coming fall?


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Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection

Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection

Rachel Zoe Jewelry from Neiman Marcus

The incomparable Rachel Zoe debuted her fall 2012 jewelry collection today and its fabulous! Tons of gold, all vintage-inspired and lots of pave and onyx details. Created with the 60s, 70s and Art Deco in mind, its definitely flashy, big and bold. Just like Rachel Zoe likes her fashion. These are my favorite pieces for the collection—check out the rest at Neiman Marcus (exclusively!). The best part about the new collection? The pieces are delightfully affordable. Happy shopping, lovelies.


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Mix and Match

Mixing and Matching Prints, Fashion

I must be getting more brave and bold with my fashion choices as I get older. Suddenly, I am feeling inspired to start mixing and matching my prints. For a long time, I have been afraid of combining different prints—mainly because if you do it wrong, you can look frightening. Now, probably due in large part to the amazing personal style blogs out there (Atlantic Pacific is the QUEEN of mixing and matching prints), I think I have a handle on how to do it and do it well.

Some foolproof tips to keep you from looking like you got dressed in the dark…

-Mix prints that are in similar color groups. Its simple way to ease into mixing and matching, and doesn’t make the look quite as jarring. The common color will bring the whole look together and help blend it.

-Think about adding one piece in a solid color to the mix, to ground the whole look.

-Pairing a neutral prints with a busier, more colorful one is a great way to get started. It allows one print to really shine and stand out and be complemented by the softer and more neutral print.

-Mixing and matching different textures is another easy way to pull off this look. Its a little simpler than mixing different patterns and prints, especially if you stay in the same color group. Choose one piece with a print or pattern, and a second in the same color family that has an interesting texture to it.

Mixing and Matching Prints, Fashion

Atlantic Pacific, Oh Suze Q, For The Love of Pretty, Refinery 29, Wendy’s Lookbook, Atlantic Pacific, Bianca Brandolini, Caroline’s Mode

I find stripes usually pair well with floral and polka dot prints. And I rarely see a leopard print accessory that doesn’t look fashionable and daring when worn with a printed top or skirt. There’s just something about leopard, don’t you think? Pairing floral prints with floral prints…I might not be ready for that challenge…yet.

Have you mastered the art of mixing and matching different prints in your outfits?


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