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Places and Spaces: Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge

Its official. I need a chaise lounge in my house someday. Well, let’s be honest. I may need a few – one in the bedroom, one in the closet, one in the living room…they are so feminine and glamorous. I love the idea of having one with a soft blanket where I can snuggle up and read my book in the afternoon – I am not even kidding, that is the dream people! Part chair, part couch, its the ideal place to read fashion magazines and books and catch a late afternoon nap. Siiiiigh, a girl can dream, right?

Chaise Lounge

Where is your favorite place to snuggle up with a good book?


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Three Cheers for: Chic iPhone Cases

I’ve been having a thing with my iPhone covers recently. I’ll pick out a case and then need to replace it like two weeks later. Either its too tight and too hard to get off and I end up chipping my manicure in the process, or it gets filthy dirty right away and you can’t get it clean again (I just bought a neon peach one from J.Crew and put it in the back pocket of my new dark wash denim Joe’s Jeans while I was out…permanently stained), or I just get tired of it and am ready for a change. Usually its that last reason. With so many cute case options out there, how’s a girl supposed to choose just one and stick with it. I think I should gather together a collection so I can change them out depending on my mood and preference – and outfit. These ones from society6 are my latest faves!

chi stylish IPhone Cases

I’d like to tell you which one is my favorite, but I quite honestly, can’t choose.

Which one is YOUR favorite?


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Fashion Inspiration: White Denim and Chambray

Chambray and White Denim

For the Love of Pretty

Ok lovelies, I’ve found my new spring and summer uniform. White denim jeans or white denim shorts with a chambray top – preferably button down, but there are a lot of cute chambray options out there right now. Its casual but chic, and what screams summer weather more than white denim? And chambray, for that matter. See where I’m going with this?

White Denim and Chambray

Pretty Pretty Things, Unknown, Style Edition, Unknown, Style Edition

Oh man, its gonna be so freakin’ cute! Menswear inspired, casual chic – a little sexy with an oversized button down or tight white jeans…are you with me on this, lovelies?

Chambray Shirts

Preen, United Bamboo, Boy by Band of Outsiders

How adorable is the shirt in the middle from United Bamboo? Makes the look a little girlier.

Which one is your favorite? Do you see the little ruffles on the first shirt?


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Pretty Things: Piggy Bank

Gold Piggy BankBranca

You. Guys. I am totally head over heels for this little gold piggy bank. It’s the perfect grown-up, stylish piggy bank, don’t you think? It’s something you would actually want to display on your shelves in a little vignette. I simply must have it. Knowing me, it will probably never have anything actually inside of it, because I am “savings challenged”, but hey, maybe it will inspire me to save more?? Yes, I think thats the perfect excuse for needing to buy it.

Do you have a piggy bank??


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Fashion Inspiration: A Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket Jean JacketAtlantic Pacific Blog

I’ve been a fan of the jean jacket since I was a kid – and its been a consistent staple in my closet that long too. To me, its the perfect casual jacket for spring and summer – lightweight and comfortable. I’ve had a lot of styles over the years – cropped, dark, light, distressed, you name it – but never acid wash. Never. Its an item I like to update each year. This year I went for a light denim – almost sky blue – version that’s cropped. The denim jean jacket is a piece of classic Americana – every girl should have one in their closet. I’ve even seen a lot of great options for dressing it up a little bit recently, too – add sequins underneath, throw it over a cute dress, there are so many options -which is why you need multiple versions in your closet – one dark, one light, in cropped and longer lengths both. It’s classic, cool and versatile – what more could you want?

Denim Jackets

Plan A, See Jane, Les Mads, Hudson – Shopbop, J Brand – Shopbop, Current Elliott – Shopbop

Do you have a denim jacket (or two) in your closet? How do you style it?

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Three Cheers For: Loeffler Randall for J.Crew Wedges

Loeffler Randall J Crew

You guys! Are you kidding me with this shoe?? I am dying right now. Loeffler Randall is one of my favorite shoe companies – their shoes are always fresh, fashion forward and above all, comfortable. They’ve teamed up to do a line for J.Crew, and I am in love. This wedge is so beautiful I can hardly stand it right now. The only question is, what color?! I don’t think I could choose. I am all about mint green this season, but pink is my favorite color…but the navy is chic and would go with anything! All three? Oh, okay!

Loeffler Randall J Crew

Loeffler Randall J Crew


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Pretty Things: Sugar Paper

Sugar Paper Los Angeles

All images via Sugar Paper

I am a total paper nerd. Seriously, a total whore for pretty paper and stationary. Notecards, thank you cards, lovely notebooks, little gift cards and cool prints, I love it all – love how traditional it is. Having pretty stationary and sending snail mail just feels so luxurious and old-timey. Sugar Paper in Los Angeles is one of my absolute faves. Their work is charming, playful, stylish – and more than anything its just so dang pretty.  Isn’t the font gorge? Their design aesthetic is just spot on in everything they create.

Sugar Paper Los Angeles

Pretty sure the mint green and gold confetti need to be my new correspondence cards.

Sugar Paper Los Angeles

A “You’re My Lobster” card? Are you kidding me?! A Friends reference and a cute card? Win-win! And the Father’s Day card with the tie that says “Happy Father’s Day, Handsome” – I think the BF may need that in a few weeks. Because he is – handsome. And a father. Finally, the hot pink calendar with gold lettering? Going on my new desk at work!

Sugar Paper Los Angeles

These are my favorite prints from Sugar Paper. I have a budding gallery wall at home and any of these would be perfect there. Wouldn’t the recipe cards and box make an adorable bridal shower or house warming gift?

Admit it, you’re as charmed by Sugar Paper and their endless pretty paper options as I am!


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The Style Umbrella is a Guest on the Stephanie Johnson Blog Today!

The Style Umbrella, guest post, Stephanie Johnson Bags Blog

The Style Umbrella is honored to be a guest blogger over on the Stephanie Johnson blog today. I am a huge fan of her line of bags and pouches, and was thrilled when they asked me to write a post about my favorite products and what I keep in my makeup bag – which is, of course, made by Stephanie Johnson. Please do head over there and check it out today – get my makeup must haves and learn what I can’t live without when it comes to my daily beauty routine. Then, check back here soon – I’ll be doing a giveaway of a Stephanie Johnson bag for one lucky winner!



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Fashion Inspiration: Gingham


Via We Heart It

I have a new obsession: gingham. Really, I shouldn’t be surprised I love this retro vintage print – I am, at heart, a classic All-American preppy kind of girl. Last week at J.Crew, I bought my first piece of gingham for my closet – hot pink! And now, I can’t get enough. I love the classic navy blue check as well – its so perfectly prep. Layered under a v-neck sweater just adds to the preppiness. Pairing it with unexpected elements and details, like sequins or a getting the pattern in a bright color, can make it more modern and fun, as well as give it a more retro-glam feel.


Bud and Leo, Wit and Delight, I am Khatu, Atlantic Pacific, Atlantic Pacific   

Isn’t that teal gingham dress with the camel Celine bag and gold jewelry, fabulous? It reminds me of Betty Draper on Mad Men! I think its such a great print for summer – maybe because it evokes the idea of picnics, but with all the bright fun colors its coming in now, its even more summery. Summery, ladylike, a little retro, classic Americana…just what I am going for with my style this summer.

Trench Coat – Marc Jacobs, Ring – Tory Burch, Button Down: J.Crew, Sleeveless Button Down: Moschino, Teal Button Down: Antik Batik, Shoes: Miu Miu, Underwear: Hanky Panky

Is anyone else dying over the tan and white Marc Jacobs trench coat?! Love!


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Pretty Things: Fleabags

Fleabags Bags

All Images via Fleabags

I know I am a little late to the game here, but I just discovered the amazing-ness that is Fleabags and I am totally charmed. The ladies who designed this line of bags describe them as the solution to wanting to carry their lives around with them in their purses. This is something I can relate to well. I like to tote around giant bags filled to the brim with anything I might need at any point during the day. Case in point – my bag currently contains: a pair of black leggings, two juice boxes, a protein bar, 11 lipglosses, two pairs of sunglasses, my phone, my keys, my wallet, my change purse, headphones, a water bottle, three packs of gum, a tin of mints, a beauty emergency kit, and much – much – more.

So, when I read that these bags are large, lightweight and sturdy, I had to look into it further. The materials are organic and vintage, and they are made in limited edition, hand-made, small production batches. I love that the edition number is hand numbered onto each bag, as well – what a lovely detail!

The clutches are pretty darling too. I’m already imagining toting one to and from the beach this summer…


Do you carry your life around in your purse too?


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