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Currently Obsessing Over…

Just a few things that I am currently obsessed with and wanted to share with you, so that you can obsess over how great they are too.

First up, Baggu Bags! I am in love with these reusable nylon totes. They come in bright, fun colors and prints, making your trips to the grocery store just a little bit more stylish. You can buy packs in coordinating colors even – tres chic!

Each Baggu bag holds the equivalent of 2-3 plastic bags, and they are so lightweight, you can keep them in your purse so you never forget them (which I somehow almost always manage to do anyway).

Its the perfect design – functional, beautiful and affordable. Now if I can only get better at remembering mine, instead of forgetting them in the trunk of my car.
Next up, these Band Aids from Urban Outfitters. When I was a kid, I always wanted band-aids with cartoon characters and pretty prints on them. Now, I would rock one of these band aids for even the littlest paper cut. Next time I cut myself or fall and scrape my leg (which, lets face it, with my coordination, is often), I am just going to slap one of these baby’s on and tell everyone I got my injury in a dance-off or ninja fight. Most likely, a ninja fight.

I am also currently coveting this lovely old-school recipe box from Charles Fradin Home. Now, I admit, I am not much of a chef, and truly, I don’t actually like cooking all that much. But maybe with the right recipe box, I could be converted. This gold-embossed wood recipe box is filled with letterpress (swoon!) recipe cards that are organized by course with letterpress dividers. I can already imagine how much more chic my kitchen will be and how much tastier my meals.

And there you have my most current obsessions. What are some of yours?
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Awe-Inspiring Art

I don’t profess to know much of anything about art – besides the few art history classes I took in college, which I loved immensely, I mostly just know that I like to look at something pretty. When I came across this series of paintings by Gregory Thielker though, I knew I was looking at something incredible – art expert or not.

“Complete Stop” by Gregory Thielker

His collection “Under the Undermining Sky” truly impresses me. Here is the thing…I fully thought that these were photographs at first (and maybe a second and third) glance. But they are oil paintings. He so perfectly captured the effect of rain on a car window that I was convinced I was looking at a photograph for most of them.

“Trace” by Gregory Thielker


“Dash” by Gregory Thielker

I can’t even begin to imagine how one paints rain – water, clear and in differing droplets and rivulets. What talent to capture something like that with such precision that it looks like a photograph.

“Cash Only” by Gregory Thielker
“Arlington Street” by Gregory Thielker

Did anyone else think they were photographs or is just me and my untrained eye? Here is one of his comments on his work…Our viewpoint within the car, creates a particular frame for experience, both fixed in its planar orientation, yet extremely mobile in its pace and direction. In road views, we experience an engineered network, but an egalitarian exposure to any and all points along that vector. The process of driving erases what is behind so that all we can focus on is the future.”  I like his take on driving.

“Inbetween” by Gregory Thielker


“McGrath” by Gregory Thielker
 If I were a curator at an art gallery, I would sign this guy up for a show right away.
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Well Said

Wonderful words of advice. Some are lessons I live by, some are lessons I still need to learn.
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Elva Fields, I Love You

Image from
If you haven’t met Elva Fields, allow me to introduce you. This collection of jewelry – mainly necklaces – is beyond amazing. The designer, Emily, scours flea markets far and wide for unique vintage and antique jewelry pieces and then reconstructs them into one-of-a-kind designs. Truly, fine handmade jewels that I would love to adorn myself with – any day of the week. Swoon!
Images from
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Look What I Found!

With my job as a blogger and social media professional, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet every day…and let’s be honest, every once in awhile, I get distracted and click here and click there, and then BAM! I am somewhere totally different, discovering some cool new story, product or idea. Here are some of the coolest finds I have come across recently, and am totally smitten with!

British designer and artist Bethan Laura Woods created these amazing teacups that have a pattern in them that becomes darker every time you use them. She treats the inside of the cups in a way that causes them to stain more in some spots than in others. Each time you have another cup, the pattern is revealed a little bit more.

Images from

They even begin to develop a specific pattern that is unique to the user and the way they drink their tea. How genius and artsy is that?!

Image from

The next amazing find I came across was this Moody Couch from designer Hanna Ernsting.

Image from
I swear, this is the most perfect napping couch I have ever seen. You can pull it and push it and shape it and mold it into the perfect little nest for whatever you mood is.
Images from
It may look a little like a couch you have in college with a slipcover that doesn’t fit, but I don’t care, I would buy it in an instant because I am already dreaming of the incredible naps I would be able to take all snuggled up in this couch.
Next up, one of the most inventive things I have seen in a loooong time. Who even thought this up? Meet the Stampy Digital Camera. It gives you the option of creating a rubber-stamp version of your photograph, so that you stamp it onto any sheet of paper or surface.
Image by
 How nuts is that? I didn’t even know that was possible, but I would definitely buy one. Would you use this? Also, is it just me or is that a weird Drew Barrymore look-alike?
Image by
Not sure that I totally understand how it works, but its a pretty ingenious idea. Brilliant, I tell you!
And my last “cool find” of today, these itty bitty teeny tiny pencil sculptures from artist Dalton Ghetti. These miniature works of art on the tip of a pencil, blow my mind. Talk about attention to detail! How do you even begin to make something that small…and not break it? Considering you can break pencil lead from just writing too hard, this is most impressive to me!
Images from
 Dalton, a carpenter, has been making these mini sculptures for 25 years now, and only uses three very basic tools to make these – a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife. And what makes this all the more impressive, is that he doesn’t even use a magnifying glass!
Image from
 This interlocking design took Dalton about two years, and amazingly enough, it wasn’t made from two sections of graphite, just one. WHAT?! Most pieces only take a few months. Check out more of his designs below…the shoe!! Is this making anyone else’s jaw drop? Wow.
Images from
And there you have my latest cool finds. What have you found lately that is just too cool not to share? xoxo
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Well Said

Absolutely all of the above. xoxo
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Golden Globe Fashion

I realize I am a little behind the eight ball on this one, considering every other blogger out there has already covered the fashion of the Golden Globes, in exquisite detail. But, I haven’t shared my picks and trends yet, so here goes…

Truthfully, I was incredibly under-whelmed by the style at the Globes this year. I heard a lot of people saying it was the best they’d seen in years on the Globes red carpet, but I seriously disagree. I think I saw more fashion fails this year than ever before.

First, lets cover the color trends we saw – emerald green and nude colors were all over the place this year.

Images courtesy of Getty Images

While I am not a fan of any of these dresses, especially Scarlett’s, I do love the nude shades. The sparkle and shine of Carrie Underwood’s dress is particularly pleasing to the eye, but I do feel like I’ve seen her wear this dress before – about ten times. Can’t fault a girl for loving the sequins and sparkles though!

Images courtesy of Getty Images

More nude dresses, also three of my nominees for worst looks of the night. Sandra Bullock’s look could probably have been saved by eliminating the crazy bangs, but the others…I’ve seen better. Then again, I’ve also seen worse. Anyone see what Helena Bonham Carter wore? Crazy, but more props to you if you’ve got the guts.

Dianna Agron looked amazing in her J. Mendel gown – very “Quinn” like if you ask me. Definitely one of my favorites of the night. But, my absolute favorite of the night in the nude dress category, would have to go to her Glee co-star, Heather Morris. Love, love, love it!
Next color trend of the evening, green – emerald green.

While Mila’s Kunis’ Vera Wang dress was incredible and she looked fantastic, I was decidedly less impressed with the others. Angelina’s Versace dress and un-done hair did nothing for me, and although beautiful, I found Catherine Zeta Jones’ and Elizabeth Moss’ dresses, a little…well, booooring.

Julia Stiles and Olivia Wilde both looked lovely in their dark gowns. Julia Stiles was a little dwarfed in her gown, but it was gorgeous! And Olivia Wilde’s Marchesa gown? Swoooooon. My favorite black number had to be Eva Longoria’s Zac Posen gown, though. Gorge!

January Jones looked smokin’ hot in her Versace number. Red lips, red dress and Veronica Lake hair? Win!
Of course, special attention must be paid to the dresses in the color I adore most – pink! I died for Leah Michele’s Oscar De La Renta gown – very nearly got my best dressed of the night! And I loved Claire Danes’ minimalist sheath in THE color of the season…honeysuckle!

I was very torn over Anne Hathaway’s Armani gown – I wanted to love it, but the shoulder pads kept getting in my way and making me think there was something sci-fi about the dress. The low, scoop back was pretty amazing though!

And finally, we come to worst dressed of the night! Jennifer Love Hewitt. This entire look made my eyes hurt. Its like a wedding gown gone wrong – and does nothing to flatter her figure. From head to toe, this is a no.

Last but not least, my pick for favorite dress and look of the evening. Emma Stone in Calvin Klein. I love the color, the cut – even her blonde hair. Truthfully, she looks better as a red head, but the hair was perfect for this color. Such a simple, sleek, chic look – plus, it reminds me of summer with the sun kissed look and bright color, so that’s an added bonus. Loving the minimalist look!

And there you have my Golden Globes fashion recap. Award season is in full swing now, and I’m a sucker for the red carpet, so be warned there are probably a few more posts like this one on the way in the coming weeks. Cheers! xoxo
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Style Icon: Blake Lively

Ok, so it must be said: I happen to have an enormous girl crush on Blake Lively. And if we are honest, it has a lot to do with her personal style. I love pretty much everything the girl wears – and its all so perfectly styled and put together. Whether she’s wearing it as Serena Van Der Woodsen (yes, second confession of the post – I also love Gossip Girl. The fashion on that show is unreal) or Blake Lively, it all makes my mouth water.
The hair, the shoes, the bags…is it obvious I love this girl’s style?

Living in New York, Blake has plenty of enviable cold-weather outfits and swoon-worthy coats and boots. Some of her outfits are so simple but you know she is a style icon because she can make them seem like so much more –  a la Kate Moss.
I have been dreaming of a leather jacket for some time now…paired with a Burberry scarf, its like preppy rock-star chic.
Ok, the girl can even pull off a giant mushroom beanie? Impressive, I say.
Simple and chic.
Blake at the Met Costume Ball last year. Not easy to pull off a dress like this, but she does it. And with legs for days! Good grief.
Ok, so this one is actually on the set of Gossip Girl, but this dress completely captured me. Its sexy and body conscious, but still romantic and elegant. Love, love loves! Oh Blake, your style makes me yearn for a bigger closet and bank account…;)
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Well Said

I love absolutely everything about this quote. Its brilliant, insightful, and gives words to feelings that we all have but aren’t able to put into such a poetic combination like this. The “mapless wilderness of love” – gives me chills. What a description!

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Dreaming of Spring…

The snow is falling outside, and I am already dreaming of spring – warm days, sunny weather and bright colors. I am so excited to wear some of the bright bold colors in style for Spring 2011. Check out some of my favorite swoon-worthy picks for the season on the horizon…get here faster spring! On second thought, in order to stock my closet with the picks I want for spring, its going to require saving some moolah. I guess I can wait a little bit longer….;)

Oh the wondrous color of it all!

Left to Right, top to bottom: Kate Spade flats, Paul and Joe drawstring dress, Matthew Williamson dress, Chloe tank, Gucci sandals, Kate Spade sandals, Pucci skirt, Brian Atwood heels, Paul and Joe dress, Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, all from
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